An Inside Look at <br> Husky Fandom, Part II

IN THE SPORTING spirit of rivalry week we've yet again enlisted typical rabid Husky fan,<b> Lloyd Saint-Claire</b>,to share insights into that purple and gold world called "Montlake."

Hello, Cougar Nation! Lloyd Saint-Claire here. Well it's only a few days now until the Apple Cup and, as I write this, Big W has just received second place in a game against California (54-7). Washington gave up 729 yards, which is the most forfeited since renegade UW team doctors created Coach Gilbertson in 1980 by attaching the head of Jerry Van Dyke to the body of Rosie O'Donnell. Only joking! Cougar stereotypes aside, you can see that we Tyee Huskies aren't afraid of a little self-deprecating humor!


Speaking of renegade doctors, though, at a Tyee Club meeting last week we voted to change the fight song from "Bow Down to Washington" to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds". Anastasia Granlund – whom Lizzy sits on the Social Committee of the Tennis Club with - suggested this as it is a more up-beat tune. I think it will really fire up the team and ensure a W "w" on Saturday, but more on this later.


Score aside; Lizzy and I had a wonderful time visiting Strawberry Canyon along with my friend Chaz Van Horton and his wife Jess. We're all monstrous Husky fans and so try to attend every away contest. Saturday morning we all piled into Chaz' old mans Dassault-Breguet for the flight to SFO. It was a grand occasion to attend the "Washington Warm-Up" (our away game, pre-game event) at Cal's Greek Theatre and hob-knob with old and new friends. We had a lovely chat with Governor and Mrs. Evans and then all six of us took a leisurely stroll across Cal's picturesque campus, finding our seats well in time for the start of the second quarter.


Softball coach Teresa Wilson, who was in attendance, kept everyone fired up by bench-pressing Chaz after the Husky score as our fans cheered vigorously. Chester Billingsworth jokingly stated that they made a nice couple, causing Chaz to madly protest with such zeal that more than a few eyebrows went cocked and knowing glances exchanged.


A bit of a mishap occurred, however, when Cal fired their cannon. Old Admiral Kirkgriffin thought it might be funny to shout "deckung nehmen!" ("Take cover!", a reference to his days in the naval forces of the Kaiser). For one reason or another this startled Coach Wilson, who leapt out of the stands and ran onto the sidelines, bringing Husky legend and current strength coach Steve Emtman down in a violent flying tackle. Admiral Kirkgriffin cried with shock, "Das ist großer erfolg des tages!" ("That's the biggest hit of the day!") We all laughed.


While games provide a great opportunity to exchange juicy tidbits of gossip, we were all disappointed to learn from one of the Yell Kings that - at the end of the half - Washington was trailing the Bears.


At halftime Chaz and I secreted over to the Bear Backers section to give a quick "yoo hoo" to our mutual business acquaintance and Berkeley alum Felix Rothmann.   Felix razzed us to no end over the score! Chaz, who likes to bill himself as the ‘ultimate Husky fan', announced loudly "we'll come back!" We all laughed.


Felix, Chaz and I then nipped out to the parking lot and piled in Felix '01 Panoz Roadster for a quick drive to the East Bay Athletic Club where we enjoyed more than our share of Sea Breeze and Gin & Tonics! We made it back (With Felix at the wheel, dear God!) to learn the Bears had widened the score to 40-7.


Needless to say we all spent some time looking for a more interesting distraction than the gridiron and were delighted to discover that our minor league baseball – esque mascot "Harry the Husky" had made the trip to Berkeley! We chortled and guffawed to no end watching the mad gyrations and inane dancing that have become Harry's hallmark. Harry is currently an entrant in the Capital One "Best Mascot" Contest but, regrettably, is the only contestant who hasn't yet broke into "single digits" in voting ( His half of a percentage point of support, however, is a good show and all we Tyees ask for is a decent effort! Rah Rah Huskies! 


Lizz, Jess, Chaz and I stayed nearly to the bitter end, secreting out of the stadium at the third quarter break to make it to the San Francisco Nordies before closing time (Lizz loves the circular escalators!). We continued madly cheering on the Huskies on the TV player in our rental Escalade (Though Jess kept flipping the channel to TNT which was showing ‘Encino Man' which, needless to say, we all adore!).  All in all a fun-filled weekend of Husky Fever.


Well, it's getting toward evening and Lizz and I are late for a charity gala at the Olympic Hotel. We hope to see many of our Crimson Cousins at the game this weekend, but don't be too disappointed if you are forced to leave with your "tail between your legs" (as some of our blue collar, beer-and-pretzel fans seated in the east end zone like to say)! As always, Rah Rah Huskies!



Lloyd Saint-Claire


Lloyd Saint-Claire has been a Husky season ticket holder since graduating from Washington in 1973. He lives in Broadmoor with his lovely wife Lizzie and is active in a number of charities, serving as Vice-Commodore of the Seattle Yacht Club, as a Trustee of the San Francisco Opera and as a former member of the UW's Board of Rowing Stewards. Lloyd and Lizzies twin boys – Tanner and Logan – attend school in Connecticut while their eldest, daughter Karen, is a senior at Bryn Mawr.


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