Apple Cup Celebrity Predictions

WHEN IT COMES time for Apple Cup picks, turns to folks who count: Former Cougar and Husky players who know firsthand what it's like to square off every November. So without further ado, here are the forecasts of our 2003 Celebrity Apple Cup Panelists.

Sonny Sixkiller, UW quarterback 1970-72:

Huskies 24-16. "If the Huskies come out to play -- and who knows if they will, they've been so up and down this season -- and if they prevail in the turnover department, I see an upset. If the Cougars have some untimely fumbles or interceptions, on the road, anything is possible."

Dan Lynch, WSU All-American guard 1980-84:

Cougs 35-10. "On paper, the Dawgs shouldn't have come close to the Cougars in the last two Apple Cups. And we all know what happened. But as long as the two teams don't play, respectively, like they did against Oregon State this season, I think the story will unfold as it's supposed to this time around. I envision a great pancake block by Josh Parrish in the first quarter springing Jonathan Smith for a long TD. That crimson momentum will be devastating for the Dawgs."

Virgil Jones, UW linebacker 1987-92:

Huskies 24-21. "For once I admit that the Cougars have a better team, no doubt. And how did we let Will Derting get away? This year we find out how much pride the Huskies have. Not only are they playing their arch rival for the Apple Cup but they are also playing to avoid becoming the first UW team to end the season with a losing record in a long, long, long, long time. Huskies pull it out and the goal posts will come down."

Rueben Mayes, WSU All-Amercan back 1982-85:

Cougars 33-7. "The Cougars will dominate on defense and have a solid day offensively. The players have been thinking about this game for a long time. They'll come into this one primed, but focused and ready to execute."

Steve Pelluer, UW quarterback 1981-83:

Huskies 16-14. "The weather's going to be ugly, which means there will be a few turnovers -– not as many as each of these teams have committed in the last few weeks, but a fair amount. I don't think Kegel will be able to play the whole game – Swogger will come in and lead the Cougars to a comeback that falls two points short."

John Husby, WSU all-conference tackle 1986-89:

Cougs 41-7. "The Huskies are not playing up to their potential and have something to prove. No motivation is necessary for either team this week. But barring a collapse under a mountain of penalties, I see WSU performing strong in the late second and third quarters after the mismatches are magnified."

Chuck Nelson, UW All-American kicker 1980-82:

Huskies 29-25. "Washington will finally stop a running play and they'll finally throw the ball again to Reggie Williams. But if it comes down to triple overtime and the exchange of 45-yard field goals, I'd have to give the nod to WSU because Dunning is having a great year."

Paul Sorensen, WSU All-American safety 1980-81:

Cougs 31-21. "The Cougar D will get a score, probably with Erik Coleman involved somehow, someway like he always is. Or maybe Jason David. I also see the defensive front four for the Cougs causing Cody Pickett more duress than they were able to muster a year ago, helping neutralize Reggie Williams. This is the third straight year the Cougars have been favored. I really think three is going to be the charm."

Ken Hamer, UW backup quarterback 1979-81:

Huskies 38-35. "The UW will have to play its best game of the year, but I think they can do it. The key is getting off to a fast start and playing with the excitement that has been missing the last two weeks. They can't lollygag around trying to size up the Cougs or they will be buried before halftime. Cody Pickett must re-introduce Reggie Williams to the football, because Charles Fredrick can't carry the whole load."

Mel Melin, WSU quarterback 1959-61:

Cougars 27-14. "The Huskies are having some problems right now but I don't see the Cougar offense putting up the kind of points Cal did. So I look for that strong Cougar defense to wear down the Huskies with pressure up front, especially from Acholonu and Brown blasting off the ends. Coupled with the speed of our linebacking corps and secondary, it should be a winning combination."

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