Apple Cup Travel plans

COACH <b>BILL DOBA</b> had only a few moments to spare Thursday. He was busy getting ready for practice and preparing to fly to Seattle for the Apple Cup. He did have time to mention, however, that one senior will travel for the first time this season. Plus, the status of <b>Matt Kegel</b>, <b>Jermaine Green</b> and others.

Seventy student-athletes from Washington State will travel to Seattle to meet the Huskies on Saturday.  LB Ira Davis will be one of those players.

"Ira will travel.  We'd like to get him on some of the special teams, his foot's a little bit better.  I'd like for him to be able to play," said coach Bill Doba.  Davis might see time on either kickoff team, and is also familiar with the punt squads and schemes.

Updating other injuries, Matt Kegel (shoulders, knee) practiced Wednesday.  He'll practice again on Thursday and the Cougs will take it from there. 

Doba expects Kegel to start.  But similar to last week, it depends on how he warms up.  The coach reiterated it can be good situation for Josh Swogger, (if needed), to watch from the sidelines for a few series.

"It would be nice for Josh to see what they're doing on defense," Doba said.  But its not a requirement.  If Kegel can't go, (which would be a surprise), Doba pointed out the redshirt freshman proved an awful lot last week against UCLA; he's well capable of leading the Cougs on offense.

LB Al Genatone is questionable for Saturday but will travel.  LB Scott Davis (MCL strain) is also on the traveling squad.  But it will remain unknown until game-time if his injury has healed sufficiently enough for him to play.  "I think it'll be a good experience for him (as a freshman in an Apple Cup).. if he can play," Doba said. 

One other member on the traveling squad who will dress; QB Mike Reilly.  "We'll take Reilly, a backup quarterback, in case we need one more guy (there)." 

But don't read too much into that. 

If Kegel and Swogger should somehow both get dinged, and extended playing time is needed at QB, it'll be QB Alex Brink who comes off the bench. 

But Reilly could be available to come in for one snap IF an unlikely situation arises where both Kegel and Swoggs would be unavailable for a play.

The Cougs don't plan on taking a walk through at Husky Stadium on Friday.

"We're going to fly over, (from Lewiston), come right from the plane to the hotel, have dinner, and start our meetings." said Doba.

Why no walk through?  "It's the same turf, it's the same field.  We'll do it here before we leave.. so we can work on all those trick plays so nobody will see us," Doba joked.

WR Sammy Moore hasn't been heard from much the last two games, as far as receptions go.  It hasn't been for a lack of trying. 

"He's been jammed (at the line), and he just hasn't gotten open.  We're not (deliberately going away from him) or anything like that.  We'd like to get him the ball if we can," said Doba.

Coach Doba also had some praise for the six members of the Cougs named to the Pac-10 All Academic football team on Thursday.  DT Jeremey Williams earned first team honors for the fourth consecutive year, something only five players in conference history have ever done.

"Jeremey is not only a good student, but also a really solid person.. He's on our players committee, and I really just value his opinion.. He's sharp.  He'll be really successful (in life)" said Doba.

Joining Williams were TE Troy Bienemann and LB Pat Bennett on the first team.  OL Riley Fitt-Chappell earned second team honors and K Drew Dunning and RG Billy Knotts earned honorable mention.

(We're double checking, but we believe WR Collin Henderson might have also been first team Pac-10 All-Academic four years running.)

Final note.  Just this Editor's opinion.  The Cougs are ready.

After this story went live, reports surfaced Friday morning in the Spokesman-Review that Jermaine Green had been suspended indefinitely for an unidentified violation of team rules. Green's replacement for the Apple Cup will be Chris Bruhn, with Jonathan Smith remaining the starter.

I just checked with my intuition. And I'll say it again. The Cougs are ready. Bring it on.

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