CF.C Mailbag <br> Special U.S. Coast Guard Edition

THE '03 MAILBAG CLOSES for the year with one final letter. But it's a great one. The impact of <b>Washington State Football</b> is felt far and wide. And sometimes, from a place you'd least expect it -- If you were to ever find yourself out upon the turbulent seas between the United States and Russia, for example..

From: Don Helfer, Chief, Operations Specialist, United States Coast Guard


Hello, My name is Chief Petty Officer Don Helfer, Communications Specialist onboard the United States Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet.

We listen often to Mr. Bob Robertson and Jim Walden.  Our patrol area is the Bering Sea in Alaska; the zone between the U.S. and Russia. Its challenging to say the least (20-30 foot seas in summer), to follow a complete game, but we enjoy their Washington State broadcasts enormously.  Heck, we even have Oklahoma fans onboard impressed with the complete coverage and player histories as we relay the games throughout the ship. Bravo Zulu (nautical talk for well done...) 

Can you pass along to Mr. Robertson to boost his broadcast power if possible?  We have adopted the Cougars since I've been here and relish watching, hearing, etc.. sportswriters eat %#%#$! especially since we, the Guard, are the red headed sister to the Armed forces.... We can kinda relate in strange way.

We are anxious about the upcoming game, and understand this game coming up is very important... In our world its like trying to keep up with a naval aircraft carrier and battle group in the Persian Gulf  with our ships..(a lot of heart but certainly not as obviously impressive as a naval vessel twice our size.)  Nobody every thinks we can do it, but we do, we just find a way... we just trust in each other and believe we can. I think thats why we started noticing the Cougars and began to follow them. 

As a crew we are hoping the best for them. We sincerely hope after following them this year and all the hard work, we win this final regular season game. But whatever happens, please pass on if possible to the team; We have spent many a lonely weekend biting our nails and cheering for the gutty performances. You guys have really brought relief and big grins on many a third down defensively stopped, or fought for offensively.

We still can't agree on how to pronounce a players name. Can you help us? A player the ship's engineers call the "Postman"..  D.D. Acholonu

As a treat to the crew, may I ask as to how I could purchase a team photo? We would be glad to pay for shipping or whatever the costs might be. Again, best wishes from the entire crew of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet!  I will be in radio with directional antennas searching for the game.  Best of luck....Go Cougars! We know you can do it!

Don Helfer, Chief, Operations Specialist, United States Coast Guard

A:  Thanks for one great letter, Chief Helfer.  His name is pronounced Ah-cha-law-new.  His full name is Dilibe Chisamaga Acholonu, but everybody just calls him D.D.  (Unless of course, you're a engineer in the Bering Sea Cougar Club.  Then you just call him; The Postman.) 

We passed on your sentiments to the Cougs.  And we're working on getting a poster for you and your crew.  Look for an email from the CF.C Mailbag in your inbox. 

Go Cougs.  Always, Go Cougs.

And Go United States Coast Guard Cutter Acushnet!

Note: We continue to tirelessly research those answers to letters we have not yet been able to publish.  We will endeavor to respond to those inquiries directly as the information becomes available.  Sometimes the information tries to hide from us.  Yes, the answer is at times so very sly…. But so am I, my friend.  So am I. 

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