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The Mother of All Stinkers (edition three) garners a ton of quotable quotes from one end of the state to the other:

It's official. This isn't a series, it's a complex. The Cougars don't need coaching, they need a shrink. Last night at Husky Stadium, Washington State held a football team to 3 yards per offensive play, and lost. The Cougars forced Washington to throw 45 times for a benign 183 yards, and lost.
-- Bud Withers, Seattle Times

A rivalry, above all, has to have some give and take to it -- though, upon reflection, Saturday's game actually did. The Cougs gave. The Dawgs took. Presented with opportunity upon maddening opportunity to either blow out to a big lead or settle the issue, the Cougars were unfailingly generous.
-- John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

It couldn't happen again. It just couldn't. But it did. It never seems to happen except in the most painful way possible for the Cougars, and this year was no different.
-- Dave Andreisen, Seattle P-I

Parents are a wise lot, after all. For a week I've been laughing at my 75-year-old dad, an eternal Cougar pessimist. He insisted that you could dress up the Poor Clare Nuns in Husky uniforms and they'd still win the Apple Cup. Not this time, Pappy, I countered. No how, no way. Alas, he was right. And do those sisters ever pack a sucker-punch.
-- Greg Witter, Cougfan.com

If only the Huskies could play the Cougars every week. And if only the Cougars never had to play the Huskies. For the third straight year, the Apple Cup featured two teams seemingly headed in different directions. And for the third straight year, the underdog Washington Huskies all but saved their season by handing the Washington State Cougars their most stunning defeat of the year.
-- Bob Condotta, Seattle Times

You'd think Lucy could yank the football away from Charlie Brown only so many times, that Wile E. Coyote would wise up after chasing Roadrunner off cliff after cliff, that Moe the Bartender wouldn't fall for Bart Simpson's phony phone calls.
-- John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

In the end, there seemed one plausible explanation to an outcome that few saw coming. The Huskies rallied behind a senior quarterback who desperately wanted to leave a legacy of something other than leading the first losing team in 28 years. While on the flip side, the Cougars were trying to hang on with a raw freshman signal caller who looked into the glare of the spotlight and blinked.
-- Greg Johns, King County Journal

This was about a team that finally figured out, on the final Saturday of a disappointing season, what its youngest and least worldly athletes must've sensed all along: Emotion is the ultimate equalizer in college football. On paper, the Cougars boasted a talent edge on offense, on defense, on special teams. On paper, the notion of a close game - heck, a close game at halftime - required some imagination.
-- John McGrath, Tacoma News Tribune

Washington State players looked genuinely stunned after their 27-19 loss to Washington on a bone-chilling Saturday night at Husky Stadium.Oh, they had witnessed this scene before -- a clot of purple jerseys bobbing up and down in a midfield delirium. But they seemed truly surprised that it happened again, the Cougars' sixth straight Apple Cup loss, and their third straight as the supposed favorites.
Dale Grummert, Lewiston Morning Tribune

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