What do Moen & Leaf have in common?

IS COLLEGE football great, or just what? Most Cougar fans have probably never heard of <b>Josh Moen.</b> And who could blame them -- the offical Cougar website doesn't even have him on the team roster, and it took a last-minute loan from his aunt and uncle to buy him a fourth year of tuition.

But you can bet the mere thought of his name is enough to keep Phil Zacharias awake at night. Zacharias, you see, is Stanford's special teams coach.

And Moen, the senior walk on from Curtis High in Tacoma, is the Cougars' unofficial Stanford Special Teams Destroyer.

On Saturday, for the second straight season, Moen burned the Cardinal punt team for six. A year ago, after Fred Shavies blocked a Card punt, Moen pounced on the ball in the endzone for the Cougars' only TD in an otherwise-lackluster season opener. This past Saturday, he bulldozed through the Stanford line to a block a second quarter punt that Richland's Jeremy Bohannon scooped up for what would turn out to be a crucial Cougar score in a nailbiting win on The Farm. That play, coupled with a pair of nice tackles, earned Moen Pac-10 Special Teams Player of the Week honors.

So while the official Cougar site says the only guy wearing No. 20 for WSU is freshman Marty Martin, rest assured that Zacharias knows all too well that Josh Moen is more than filling that same jersey.

"Only in college football do you find stories like that," gushed former Cougar All-American Paul Sorensen after the game. "I love guys like that --- guys who won't quit, guys who make a difference no matter what role they're playing. Josh Moen is my kinda guy. And he's a metaphor for why this Cougar team is undefeated --- everybody chips in, everybody plays like every down is their last."

DESTINED FOR GREATNESS?: If you're wondering how jobless Ryan Leaf ended up in Dallas last week, a look at the coaching staff in Big D may lead you to believe there's more to it than the fact the Cowboys are woefully thin at QB. Three -- count ‘em, 3 --- Cowboy coaches are former Mike Price assistants: Mike Zimmer, Andre Patterson and Dallas head man Dave Campo. In an interview with The Sporting News this week, Price said he thinks the Cowboys will "take genuine interest in Ryan and help him develop to be the quarterback I know he can be. It's not popular to be a Dallas Cowboy fan and a Ryan Leaf fan right now, but I'm president of both those fan clubs."

Price added that he thinks Leaf has the potential to become a great pro QB. "I still think that when they close the final chapter on Ryan Leaf, it's not going to be a comic book. It's going to be a book of inspiration. His path has not been easy and the choices he's made, good or bad, haven't been easy. And any young man who wants to think about courage and perseverance and being able to work through tough situations will be able to look at that Ryan Leaf book and say, ‘Geez, this guy went through it all and came out on top.' Eventually, he's going to be on top."

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