The Buzz Board is back!

Greetings Couglings! Here's my first Buzz Board of the season. I know, I know. But don't EVEN ask me what I've been up to the past several weeks. Let's just say it involved a combine, a case of Cougar Gold and the daughter of a local wheat farmer. By the way, everything DOES go better with sorghum.

BUT I DIGRESS. So here's my take on the state of current affairs on Planet Coug, replete with a few pithy observations on several other topics of interest.

Religion and sports They don't mix. Need proof? In King County, the state's largest market for Cougfans, the glorious tones of Bob Robertson and Jim Walden are broadcast over a bush league religion-based station whose signal carries about as far as a Chad Davis pass. And we thought KJR was bad. Fire and brimstone, folks, this current state of affairs to borrow an oft-used word from the new flagship station is PURGATORY. Damnation even.
Josh Moen The guys works his rear off as a walk-on, barely scrapes together enough money to enroll for another year of school and then goes out and earns Pac-10 Special Teams Player of the Week honors against Stanford. After all that you'd think WSU would have the courtesy to add his name to the official roster posted on NOT! Rest assured, though, Josh, while you have no number within Bohler Gym, you're still No. 22 with us.
Keith Jackson Don't get us wrong, we appreciate the huge donations he and Turi have made to the alma mater. And we're actually starting to forgive him for his unabashed cheer-leading for Michigan in the '98 Rose Bowl. And while those beer commercials he did were truly tacky for a guy of his stature, they weren't all that bad. But forsaking the titanic Coug-Duck game in favor of UCLA-Stanford? It's an outrage!!
True Believers Props to ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit and national handicappers Phil Steele and Greg Roberts. Unlike many of their colleagues in the world of college football punditry, these guys were on the 2001 Cougar bandwagon weeks and even months before the opening kickoff against Idaho.
Computers Ya gotta love that artificial intelligence. No knee-jerk opinions. No playing favorites. Just the facts, dude. And the facts are this: WSU No. 10 in the BCS.
Rick Neuheisel The Slick One threw a powerful fright into the Crimson horde a couple of weeks back when he let his defense sleep walk in the face of DeShaun Foster. So what's wrong with that, you ask? Because DeShaun came perilously close to breaking Rueben Mayes' Pac-10 single game rushing record of 357 yards. Thankfully, Bob Toledo came to our rescue and pulled DeShaun out at 301.
Pressure It seems that Mike Price does his best work when his tail's in a sling. In 1997, word down Pullman way was that Rick Dickson, The Great Ass of the Palouse, gave Saint Mike an ultimatum: Win 7 or ship out. The result, of course, was the Season of Destiny. This year, no AD was breathing down his neck but Mike was breathing down his own. He made some great staffing changes and committed himself to making the attitude at practice as upbeat as ever. As such, we're proud to announce that Coach is now again officially to be referred to only as Saint Mike.
Undisgusted Grad Talk about dedicated. This frequent message board poster has spent many an hour this season dutifully posting score-by-score updates on the CF.C message board so Cougfans across the globe can "watch" the mighty cats of the Palouse when no radio or TV are available.

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