Season's greetings

Charter CF.C message board poster Larry Coug took the liberty in our inaugural season of 1998 to pen a most amusing Apple Cup tale about Santa and his reindeer. We've taken the liberty of updating the piece for this week's battle royale.

Twas Christmas '01 and all over the Palouse,
Not a creature was stirring, no footballs were loose.

Cougars were resting, some in their beds
With visions of the upcoming Fiesta firm in their heads.

But over at Montlake, Huskies were abuzz,
A meaningless Bowl game, Seattle it twas.

Now about this same time, Santa was ready
For his Christmas deliveries, in his sleigh so steady.

When he flew over Safeco, he said, "sakes alive,
That looks like the Huskies, but weren't they nearly 6 and 5?"

Now Santa wears red, but not for the fashion.
His clothes are all crimson 'cause COUGS are his passion!

When he looked down and saw purple and yellow,
"Down with the Dogs!", cried this jolly old fellow.

So the plan he devised, you wouldn't have believed,
His reindeer had eaten, but hadn't relieved.

He circled his sleigh and steered it in low.
When they were over the Dogs, his reindeer let go.

The sound and debris made such a clatter,
That Slick Rick looked up to see what was the matter.

The brown stuff did fall on Pickett, on Ellis,
On Stevens, on Triplett, on Arnold, on Willis.

It hit Husky fans, all 400 and no fewer,
It rained from the sky, this Christmas manure.

As Santa flew off on this bright Christmas Day,
People who were there heard this jolly man say,

"Merry Christmas to you and to you and to you,
"F&#@ them Damn Huskies! Forever WAZZU!"

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