Steve Juve, WSU Class of '71, penned this tribute to Dawg fans who seem compelled to post messages on Cougar message boards.

It's flattering for this Cougfan site,
that Dawgs come here and TRY to write.

In MY spare time, when I have no cares,
I never think to go to theirs.

I never wonder what they're doing,
what they think, or who they're booing.

Yet Dawgs come here to leave their mark,
and lift a leg and say "arf arf."

Just THINK that fans of an over-rated team,
spend time at Cougfan doing their thing!

So Coug compassion should we try for,
and welcome Dawgs and hope they write more.

Welcome them, for though they bomb,
they have NOTHING but cougfan dot com.

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