Cody Boyd's Diary: <br>Week One

PULLMAN -- Yesterday (Thursday) was a long one. Waking up at 5:15 three days a week is not quite what I am used to, but it is definitely worth it -- the 30 wins the Cougar football team has brought home over the last three seasons were built on a foundation of hard work, commitment and sacrifice. You have to live it everyday, be it early in the morning or late at night, if you're going to compete at the highest levels.

Our summer workouts started on June 7 and have been going well. I'm still rebuilding some muscle lost from my early spring shoulder surgery. It has been feeling pretty good and it is definitely progressing well.

Cody Boyd (CF.C/Gunderson)

From watching others on the team during running and lifting session, we are definitely on our way to another great season. But we need to keep on pushing ourselves and each other to progress even further. Everything else has been going well. I have been trying to clean up my new house from the recent move in. I think that my kitchen and bedroom are the only things finished so far, but hopefully I can clean up a little more this weekend, if I can find some time between a nap or two.

Pass skelly has also been going well -- both the offense and defense have had their days, but I'm pretty sure the offense has gotten the best of the D our fair share of times. Everyone is getting into better shape than when we first came in, making skelly more competitive. I think that we are all hoping for the weather to get a little hotter so that it will help us out for heading down to New Mexico for our season opener on Sept. 3.

I cannot wait to get onto the field again! Well, hope all is well for all the Coug fans out there. Talk with you all next week!

Cody Boyd is a sophomore tight end from Ferndale High, where he was one of only three prep seniors dubbed a blue chipper by the Seattle Times in '02. As a redshirt freshman for the Cougs last year, Boyd caught 18 passes for 230 yards and a TD, also using his 6-8 frame and athleticism to block three kicks. Along with teammate Scott Davis, he graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with a weekly diary.

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