Scott Davis' Diary: Week Three

PULLMAN -- What's up Cougfans! Just like Cody Boyd wrote, I'm also ready to head home and by the time you read this, I'll already be there. I only live a couple hours away in Kennewick, but its still hard to get back there, what with everything going on between football and school. I can't wait for my mom's and my grandma's cooking. For my friends from California, who can't make it home because of the distance, I always try to see if they want to ride along.

While I'm there, I'll also get to see my little brother. He's going to leave for Bellingham and Western Washington in August, so I'm really looking forward to seeing him. Another reason to enjoy heading home this Holiday weekend -- Jeremy Bohannon is going to have a little birthday party back in the Tri-Cities.

Football is just getting tougher and tougher every day, but thats also a good thing. It'll help us prepare for the season opener on September 3, down in New Mexico, on ESPN. Still, with the temperature heating up over here in Pullman, the turf is pretty darned hot. It's a little different down at field level and gets a little toasty on a playing surface when the mercury starts rising.

But one great thing about the sunshine -- I believe everyone on the team is getting quite the fine tan going. Well, except for Pat Bennett. I don't think Pat Bennett tans.

I saw where Cody Boyd was responding to a question on who's looking better in skelly these days. As you would probably guess, the unvarnished truth is that the defense is just too strong for them. Hi Cody. Truly, Cody and the rest of the offense are really improving in pass skelly, they're really getting it going. There are some real playmakers on this offense. But the defense still reigns supreme. Hi again, Cody.

I'm also really looking forward to when we get a chance to go up against Eastern Washington. It'll be a nice change of pace. Some time before the end of this month, we're going to square off against the guys from Eastern; I'll keep you posted. I think we're all getting a little bit bored going against the same offense twice a week.

Well, I am on my way out the door, heading home. If you have any questions, be sure to post them and I'll try to respond to as many as I can next week. And also next time, I'll fill you in on how a little paintball game went with some of my Cougar teammates. You won't believe who likes to paintball, but feel free to take a guess. See ya! GO COUGS!

Scott Davis is a sophomore outside linebacker from Kennewick's Kamiakin High, where he was a three-time All-State running back. He and teammate Cody Boyd graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with weekly diaries.

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