Cody Boyd's Diary: Week Three

PULLMAN -- Hello again Cougfans. Everything is good here. Like the whole team, I'm ready for a long weekend. We have Monday and Tuesday off from lifting, then we resume with running and lifting on Wednesday. We've had a rough week this week because everyone is pushing themselves especially hard because we're going to have the long weekend off.

I saw a question on the CF.C message board last week about how the tight ends and receivers are looking this summer. I can say with pride that the tight ends are doing very well. Ben Woodard, the newest member of our club, is still rehabbing the knee he injured late in spring ball. He's a warrior and working really hard on the bike. The rest of us TEs are doing what it takes to get stronger, with both our upper and lower bodies. My shoulder, which sidelined me for much of the spring, is feeling fine -- I'm working diligently with the weights and getting stronger every week.

All of us TEs get along very well. And since we are all close in age, every practice is a competition and we all cheer on each other and coach each other.

As for the receivers, Jason Hill, who also was sidelined during the spring with a bum shoulder, has been working his rear end off and should be ready to join our skelly drills within the next couple of weeks. Trandon Harvey (hamstring in the spring) is also doing well, working hard and keeping injury free. And Chris Jordan, who you may remember blowing his knee in the Apple Cup after making a sweet catch across the middle, is coming along nicely. He is running and doing skelly -- and making some very good catches along the way.

With those three guys back in action, our receiving corps is going to be very strong. That will be a huge help for Josh Swogger and Alex Brink at quarterback.

OK, who's looking better in skelly these days, the offense or the defense? I'm sure Scott Davis, my counterpart here on the CF.C diary squad, would have a different view. But in my completely unbiased opinion as a member of the offense, I'd have to say the O is looking very solid. I must admit, though, that the D is making us work hard to get all our catches.

I read another message board question about what it's like as a tight end, to be part offensive lineman and part receiver and whether it's difficult to adjust between the two. The answer is yes, it is a bit difficult sometimes because different players have different strengths. I have been working on my run and pass blocking because I think that is one where I can really step up my game. It's challenging and rewarding to play this position. The key thing is knowing your strengths and using them in your favor.

As for our season opener -- at New Mexico, on ESPN, on Sept. 3 -- we haven't really done the analysis yet. But once fall camp starts, all of the positions will hit the tapes and figure out the game plan.

Weight vests were another topic someone asked about on the message board. Well, our weight room coaches add weight to the vests every week so it varies from about 5 pounds extra to 15 pounds, but that is only a guesstimate because they don't tell us how much is in there, just that it goes up every week. We use the weight vests when we do our circuit training twice a week. It's on Rogers Field so the terrain is flat -- we do short sprints and agility type movements. The goal with the vests is to help us explode off the line.

Well, everything else is going well. Have a great long weekend and I will be back next week to try to fill you all in. keep the questions coming in.

Cody Boyd is a sophomore tight end from Ferndale High, where his exploits on the field earned him one of only three blue chip ratings handed out by the Seattle Times in '02. As a redshirt freshman for the Cougs last year, Boyd caught 18 passes for 230 yards and a TD, also using his 6-8 frame and athleticism to block three kicks. Along with teammate Scott Davis, he graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with a weekly diary.

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