Cody Boyd's Diary: Week Four

PULLMAN--Hey there, Cougfans! Hope the long weekend was lots of fun for you all! Mine was pretty good; spent lots of time relaxing and hanging out with friends. But now, it's back to the task at hand. Since this week is a short one, we're working out three straight days; a compacted, hard-working week. Wednesday, we did our usual Monday workout -- Thursday, we did our circuit training with more weight in our vests -- and then today, we're doing our normal Friday workout.

Looking at your posts on CF.C this past week, I see there were quite a few questions. One asks if I have any coaching aspirations after college. I really can't say yet… I do know I like being involved with young kids and youth sports; I've helped out a couple times in camps back in Ferndale. But anything past that, its too far ahead for me to see just yet.

Someone wondered if I've learned any good coaching techniques from my experiences here at Washington State. Oh, absolutely. Playing tight end, in particular, teaches you those kinds of things because I have to learn pretty much every aspect of the offense. I've learned a ton from all the coaches; their expertise is invaluable. Our coaches here at WSU are top of the line; really know their stuff.

Who are the toughest guys to go up against in skelly? I would have to say all of our linebackers; players like Will Derting, Pat Bennett, Scott Davis... These guys are all tough to get open against; have to work hard to catch the ball against them. Derting, Bennett and Scotty D are all tough to make plays on, in general.

As far as the young guys who stand out to me on defense.. Good question. Since I don't watch the d-line very much right now, I'll tell you something about our linebackers and defensive backs -- All of them are making plays and running very well of late. It will be interesting to watch them all push each other when we get into fall camp.. to see who progresses the most. Our opener is getting closer.. September 3rd, at New Mexico, on ESPN. And that means Fall camp is just that much sooner to getting under way. All I know is that most of these guys are really striving to play this year; working very hard to get some time.

A few more questions; Aside from Will Derting, the Cougars I think could contend for All-America honors this season or next: Well, can they do entire All-American teams? If so, then we, in my unbiased and purely objective opinion, deserve to be that team. One reason being just how hard we push each other and ourselves. We're not going to let anyone outwork us.

One person on CF.C wondered how Adam West is doing at the defensive end spot and if there's a chance he could come back to tight end. Adam is doing really well at DE and putting on weight. I really don't know if there is a comeback to the TE spot for West, that's all up to the ol' coaches. But he's looking good on D.

Is Jesse Taylor healthy, and is Scott Selby a tight end or wide receiver? Jesse Taylor is healthy and doing really well. Now that guy is tough, strong, and running really well on Mondays. Selby, as far as I know, is still a WR. He's working hard to get stronger, working diligently on his routes.

Another question asks if a decathlon was held among the Cougar football players, who would win. Hmmm... depends on the events. You get back to me with the events and maybe I could give you some insight!

Keep on posting your questions for me and I'll do my best to get to as many of them as I can. Have a great weekend and talk with you all next week!

Cody Boyd is a sophomore tight end from Ferndale High, where his exploits on the field earned him one of only three blue chip ratings handed out by the Seattle Times in '02. As a redshirt freshman for the Cougs last year, Boyd caught 18 passes for 230 yards and a TD, also using his 6-8 frame and athleticism to block three kicks. Along with teammate Scott Davis, he graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with a weekly diary.

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