Scott Davis' Diary: Week Four

PULLMAN -- What up, Cougs?! Well, it feels good coming off the 4th of July weekend. Not exactly rested, but it was a nice break from running and lifting. I went home this last weekend with a couple teammates; Odell Howard and Reyshawn Bobo. It was a fun trip, both of them are from a big city in Southern California and it was interesting watching them around town..

Safe to say Odell Howard and Reyshawn Bobo each had a good time this past weekend. Odell was real outgoing and tried to meet every girl in the Tri-Cities. And Reyshawn was the one that tried to get the full Kennewick experience by wanting to do everything.

They got to go to a couple of parties, camping with my grandparents, and eating out at a couple restaurants. It was a good getaway from Pullman.

Back to the football routine and back to skelly.

Skelly is tough with no pads or helmets on because you really can't hit the receiver and/or bump them. You have to learn to play in open space. And open space is hard to play in because the receivers have the entire field to go anywhere they want to.. For example, Cody Boyd is a tight end and most of the time a linebacker is matched up with him. Most of that time, its me, the strongside linebacker, guarding Cody. I have to try to keep up with his speed and have to always get a good jump on the ball because he is so tall. Skelly is not as easy as it looks.

I promised you a painball story last time.

Last week before we left for Kennewick, some of the players went and played paintball up by Aspen Village (new apartments out towards the new airport road.)

Let me tell you, Chris Bruhn is a warrior when it comes to a gun fight. He was everywhere; shooting people and directing his team...

Odell also went and played for the first time and did exceptionally well. Somehow, Odell got around my team and shot us up when we weren't looking. Oh, he's a crafty one alright. But in the end, I got them all. I shot all four players at the end to seal the victory!

Keep those "cards and letters" coming, I'll try and answer as many questions as I can next week from your posts. Talk to you soon. Back to work!

Scott Davis is a sophomore outside linebacker from Kennewick's Kamiakin High, where he was a three-time All-State running back. He and teammate Cody Boyd graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with weekly diaries.

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