Scott Davis' Diary: <br>Week Six

PULLMAN—Well, well, well -diary number six. There is not much going on here in Pullman, just a lot of <I>EA Sports NCAA 2005</I> (no, I have not boosted my stats on the game, I play with them at where they are), classes, BBQing, and, of course, workouts.

When any event happens in Pullman there are people who show up just to see what is going on. Last Tuesday, I went to the "ALIVE" variety show—which is for incoming freshmen—to watch my friend Jennifer Frost. It was funny and a good opportunity to see the incoming freshmen, a good-looking bunch.

I'm looking forward to next year because summer classes are winding down and papers are due that I have been putting off most of the summer. I have a lot of work to do and workouts are increasing in intensity and my energy is not lasting as long.

On a good note my older brother Ryan Davis, who attends Arizona State University, is going to be able to come up to see a home game the weekend before my 21st birthday and be present for the party afterward. He reads and I told him I'd give him a plug.

Some of the guys are back from their pro teams likeSammy Moore, Erik Coleman and Jonathan Smith. "J Smooth" came in the weight room Thursday morning and he looks huge. He said he is working out like a madman getting ready for camp. Whatever his workout is, I need to do the same thing. He is big.

I was talking to EC and he was telling me about the defensive coach for the Jets. Apparently he is pretty tough on them and acts like he does not care for or like them. He yells and tells players they are never going to make it. On top of that he is always miked-up and any time you use excuses it's on tap. Then later at film when they watch you screw up, he plays the excuse and makes you look like a fool. Tough love.

That's about it for this week. I'm gearing up for a big finale next week, so let me know if you have any questions.

Scott Davis is a sophomore outside linebacker from Kennewick's Kamiakin High, where he was a three-time All-State running back. He and teammate Cody Boyd graciously volunteered to give Cougar fans a window on the world of pre-season football preparation with weekly diaries.

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