Gesser vows he'll be back somewhere, anywhere

Jason Gesser, ever the competitor, understands the business side of professional football but defiantly said his NFL dreams are not over after getting cut by the Tennessee Titans.

The second-year quarterback from Washington State was cut on Sunday to make room for six-year NFL veteran Doug Johnson. Johnson will replace Gesser as the No. 3 QB behind Steve McNair and Billy Volek.

"It's hard to think about what my next step is going to be, but hopefully I can get on somewhere else and show them what I've got," Gesser told the Tennessean newspaper.

"This kind of adds more fuel to the fire, I guess. I know I can still play in this league and I am going to keep fighting no matter what it takes, whether it starts with Arena ball or NFL Europe or wherever."

The Titans, he said, "just told me they wanted to get someone in with experience at No. 3 because of what happened last year when Steve and Billy got hurt. It's disappointing, because I thought I was improving and doing a good job and then all of a sudden they are looking for somebody else. That kind of came out of left field. That, more than anything, was the hardest part about this whole thing, but I know it's a business and that's the way things work sometimes."

Late last season when McNair and Volek were both hurt, the Titans signed veteran free agent Neil O'Donnell just in case.

McNair told the Tennessean he hated to see Gesser go. "Jason's a great guy. I like him. He improved, he caught on with the offense and caught on a lot quicker than most. The coaches and GM feel like there is an opportunity to bring in another guy, and that is how they see it. They make the decisions around here, not me."

There's a chance Gesser could be retained by the Titans for their practice squad.

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