"Josh Swogger is our quarterback"

There were several hot topics after Saturday's loss to Colorado but none more hotly debated on Cougfan.com than who should be the starting quarterback. Sunday, coach <b>Bill Doba</b> said they would make the call later in the week after discussing it as a staff. As it turns out, the coaches needed only until Tuesday to make the announcement public on who will be under center when Washington State lines up on offense against Idaho. So who will it be, <b>Josh Swogger</b> or <b>Alex Brink</b>?

Josh Swogger is the starter against Idaho this Saturday, coach Bill Doba emphatically stated just minutes ago.

Coach Doba said the decision eliminates "this quarterback controversy" but stopped short of saying Alex Brink wouldn't play should Swogger struggle.

"The decision is made," Doba said.

"We said at the beginning of the year; Josh Swogger is our quarterback. And he will start the ballgame. And Alex Brink will be ready. Josh is not having trouble nor confused. We've talked to the two kids, they've been great and they understand (the decision.)"

"And if he is struggling, we'll put in Alex Brink. If (Brink) does well, he'll finish the game. If he doesn't, then we'll go back with Josh."

If that sounds like it doesn't end the controversy but extends it, what Doba said next was most telling.

"And if Alex Brink comes in, does well and finishes the game, then the next week Josh Swogger will (still) be our starter. And that eliminates that quarterback controversy and all that other kind of stuff."

Cougfan.com will stay on this developing story.

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