11/01 Recruiting Wire - The specimen!

MOSES LAKE HEAD coach <b>Greg Kittrell</b> talks with Cougfan.com about 300-pound standout <b>Wilson Holman</b>. Washington State's newest verbal commitment obviously has size but as we found out, the defensive tackle is more than just a big body in the middle. Much more.

Coach Kittrell has spent 20 years coaching football at Moses Lake, 17 of them as the head coach. He's seen a lot of awfully good football talent in that time, and Wilson Holman, the Cougs' most recent commit (see below for Sunday night's story) certainly fits that description. For a near 300-pounder, Holman has surprising athleticism that allows him to cause chaos in the backfield.

"He's a big athletic kid, between 6-4 and 6-5, about 295," said Kittrell. "He's very powerful straight up field, a good bull rushing type kid. He has really good feet... a great wingspan and he's a great leverage type kid."

Coming into the season, the coaches at Washington State were hoping to see more consistency from the defensive tackle. That's exactly what happened, and it resulted in an offer from the Cougs that was verbally accepted this past Saturday night.

"He's working on playing every down consistently. That's the biggest hurdle for him -- to be an every down player. That's what the (WSU) coaches have been looking at on him and they felt like he had really improved in that area from his junior year to his senior year."

Of course, what immediately grabbed the attention of the Cougs was his size. But if he continues to work hard, coach Kittrell says just wait until he spends some time with coach Rob Oviatt and the WSU strength staff.

"Well of course, they love his size. The kid doesn't have an ounce of fat on him...He's down from 308 when he started the season to 295. He's just a big kid that will put on (even more muscle in college). I'm sure he's going to play a lot heavier than that -- once he gets in WSU's weight program and those kinds of things. I don't know what his top end is, but if he sticks with it, he's going to be a big man. He's already a big man."

"But when he matures physically and when he's 20-22 years old, he's going to be a specimen....He's just a big strong kid."

A big part of Holman's game, as you might expect from a high school kid with his size and strength, is confidence.

"Oh yeah," Kittrell said with a laugh. "He's a confident kid in his abilities. How could you not be (given his size)? And that will be one of his biggest challenges (at the next level) in playing against kids his size -- and that's true of any college player."

Kittrell said Holman is someone who takes direction well, someone who wants to get better.

"He's a very coachable kid. He's a good kid, he's fun to be around."

He's also athletic enough to start for the Chief's basketball team. Naturally, he plays center and it wouldn't be off base to say he controls the paint.

"He's a very very lethal offensive weapon as you might imagine," laughed Kittrell about Holman's prowess on the hard court. "He is a heck of an offensive weapon in basketball."

ON THE SEASON coach Kittrell is most pleased on how Moses Lake (5-4) has battled back from adversity. Holman has been a big part of that.

"I'll tell you what I am satisfied with, I'm satisfied with our month of October -- we played a great October. We had greater expectations in the month of September but for whatever reason it didn't work out. The kids could have hung their heads -- They didn't. They worked harder. They turned their season around."

While Moses Lake is a young squad this year, talent lives on this Chiefs team. And Wilson Holman is a big part of not only that talent but also one of those guys in the locker room that can be a positive influence on his teammates.

"And yes, we're a young team and you can blame (some of the losses) on that but were a young talented team at any rate. I'd rather have it (that we're playing our best later in the season) than the other way around. The bottom line is we've put ourselves into a spot where we have a chance to go to the second season...and when Wilson is the positive force he can be, there's nothing like him.

ONE TO WATCH in the class of 2006 for the Moses Lake Chiefs - Travis Lamb. A big tackle that has the body size to play Div 1A. The key will be seeing how he physically matures and how his football skills develop over the offseason and his senior year.

Editor's note: A special thank you goes out to Fran Christensen and coach Greg Kittrell at Moses Lake for taking this picture for CF.C before the Chief's practice today.

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