11/02 Recruiting Wire Trip Report - Jesse Canada

ON AN OFFICIAL visit this weekend to WSU, <b>Jesse Canada</b> had several questions he hoped to have answered about Washington State. Did he get his answers? Cougfan.com talked to the wide receiver from Monrovia to get his take on the trip, what he liked best and where the Cougs sit on his list of favorites.

Q&A with Jesse Canada, 4-star wide receiver from Monrovia

On the highlight of the trip:
"Hard to say, it was really good overall. I had a real good time and enjoyed myself. And I learned a lot."

Canada had a lot of questions he hoped to get answers for -- on the campus, how friendly the people are, if Pullman is a real football town..
"It was exactly like they said, it was a real college town. It's not big on all the city-type of stuff and all of those things. It was just a real nice, down home kind of place...Everybody was real nice, real friendly. I felt very welcome there. I got a real good feeling."

On the Cougs losing to USC:
"It was pretty tough but you know, you go through them and you win some and you lose some -- and its all about how you bounce back and how you adjust."

What he did first:
"We arrived in Pullman and met with all the coaches. We actually went to eat at a very nice place I almost grew to love down there, Wingers. Oh man, that's a great place right there.

Indeed, a full rack of pork ribs, slathered in Wingers' amazing sauce is enough to make a football player's mouth water, whether that's a 200-pound wide receiver from Monrovia or a 300-pound lineman from Moses Lake. Preface it with the 40-count plate of Buffalo wings and we're talking a trip through heaven.

On his host:
"My host was Ian Bell -- we're cousins. I hadn't seen him in a little while so that was real good."

On the facilities:
"Oh, top rate. Definitely. The weight room was outstanding, that was very nice...Outside of that all of the facilities were all somewhat new, they weren't old at all, they were really all well kept-up. They were all just very nice."

On the recruits he met:
"Jonathan Stewart was there, there were five of us (Shelton Danzy, Brandon Gibson, Arkelon Hall, Wilson Holman and Stewart) there on official visits. All of us bonded a bit, didn't get to spend too much time with one another so it was kind of tough to really, really get to know them. But.. we got a little introduction and that was real good meeting those guys, I definitely bonded a little bit with those guys."

On his future official visit plans:
"I'll be going to Cal on Nov 20 and I believe we set up Oregon State on December 3."

Going in to this weekend, Canada had a top three of Washington State, Cal and Oregon State. How he feels coming out of the WSU visit:
"I would say definitely that its still the same, that Washington State is still definitely in that top group. I can easily say more so now that its even more narrowed down as far as the feel I got -- Its a school where I can definitely see myself being...It definitely answered my questions, having not ever been there in (the state of Washington) so it definitely helped a whole lot and answered a lot of the questions that I had."

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