11/02 Recruiting Wire Trip Report - Shelton Danzy

THIS PAST SATURDAY MORNING at Sea-Tac Airport, <b>Shelton Danzy</b> waited with open arms to greet <b>Arkelon Hall</b> as the Edison quarterback arrived from Fresno. From there, the two friends and Cougar verbal commits headed to the Palouse for their official visits this past weekend.

Shelton Danzy met Arkelon Hall at the WSU summer camp this past June. They've been great friends ever since.

"Me and Hall, we're extremely close," said Danzy. "It was good to see him...He's the consummate leader."

Watching the game however, was a letdown for the DB/RB for Rainier Beach. Make no mistake, for a player like Danzy, who absolutely hates to lose at anything, the USC game was a bitter disappointment. But the rest of the weekend held a number of highlights for the 5-10 185-pound playmaker.

"The highlight was probably the dinner at coach Doba's house. I guess for me, football comes naturally, so its about the camaraderie. I definitely liked being around the guys...And the defensive lineman (Wilson Holman) is huge. I see the Cougs are definitely making a commitment as far as the offensive and defensive lines, which is nice.

Speaking of Holman, Danzy's impression of the defensive tackle was immediate.

"Oh, he's a big guy. He's a BIG guy. I hadn't heard that much about him because he's out there in Moses Lake...but he's huge."

Danzy spent some time this weekend with defensive backs coach Ken Greene. That Greene was an All-American defensive back at WSU and a first-round draft choice in the NFL is not lost on Danzy. Neither was the fact that coach Bill Doba cut his teeth on the defensive side of the ball.

"Coach Greene is an excellent position coach. That's one of the main reasons why Wazzu was an easy decision for me back (in April). The head coach had a defensive mindset, the position coach had actually played at the next level, there were recent graduates who had made it to the next level. For me, all I want is the opportunity to be on a national stage on a defense that has a history and likes to hit people."

"I like to cover but if I can smack a wide receiver in the mouth, I'm going to do that nine times out of ten."

WHILE THE LOSS to Southern Cal was disappointing, Danzy also looks at it as an opportunity to come in and help make a difference next year. The DB mentions Cougar greats who now play on Sundays when talking about the impact he wants to have at WSU. Players like Marcus Trufant, Erik Coleman and Jason David.

"I'm still excited. If they were 11-0 this year and playing for the national championship, would I be excited? Of course. But the fact that there's work to do and I can be part of the solution...I'm all for the history books. Just like Trufant and Coleman and David kept it going, I want to be the next guy to step up and have my name up there."

"I'm in it for the long haul. If anything, it's done nothing but energize me more to stay focused and do the things that I need to do to (come in next year and have an impact.)"

NEXT UP for Danzy and Rainier Beach is O'Dea on Friday, with the Metro league title at stake. Danzy said it's important for the Vikings to come out mentally strong against the Irish.

"Its kind of like we've been their little brother. Physically, we're just as strong as them but last year we lost to them 20-14 -- we threw four picks, had a fumble and a snap over the kickers head for one of their touchdowns and we only lost by six. But my gosh, you can't do that."

"This will be the first time I step into the O'Dea game without being dinged up, nothing wrong with an ankle or a wrist or what have you. I'm 110 percent and so I'm going to go out there and (really get after it) on Friday night."

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