11/04 Recruiting Wire - J.R. Hasty

HIGHLY TOUTED running back <b>J.R. Hasty</b> of Bellevue is putting together a monster season in 2004 for the three-time defending AAA state champions. The touchdown-maker talked to Cougfan.com on the subjects of recruiting, his senior season and if <b>Washington State</b> is a school he's considering.

There were many who felt the Bellevue-Issaquah tilt was going to be a tremendous battle. With only one state playoff slot available from the KingCo league, the losing team would not make the postseason. For Bellevue, all the hard work they'd put in over the offseason in quest of an unprecedented fourth straight state championship would all be for naught unless they could best the Eagles. With so much at stake, J.R. Hasty and Bellevue delivered.

While E.J. Savannah starred on defense, Hasty simply ran wild on the Eagles, chalking up 329 hashes on 17 carries. The 5-11, 200-pound running back rushed for six touchdowns on the night. It's the second time he's scored six TDs in a game this season.

"We're playing up to par," Hasty said matter-of-factly. "We're getting smarter as a team. We're getting more disciplined and we pretty much know what we need to do to win state... play disciplined."

Having now broken the all-time league mark with 34 (32 rushing) touchdowns, Skyline's Simi Reynolds scored 33 TDs in 200, Hasty downplays his accomplishments, preferring to instead credit the Bellevue (8-0) offensive line. It's a message that the son of Cougar great James Hasty has mentioned repeatedly, from way back in the preseason through last Friday's triumph.

Losing just one starter to graduation, the veteran unit up front opening the running lanes for Hasty includes; Connor Mawhinney, Ryan Roeter and Ethan Marks among others.

"I feel like I'm doing alright," Hasty said of his individual performance this year. "There's always room for improvement."

IMPROVING ON his season performance to date may be a tall order.

Through eight games this year, the game breaking running back has rushed for 1772 yards on 123 carries. That's 221 yards a game, a 14 yard average. Oh, and he himself puts up 25 points on the scoreboard every Friday night.

Hasty is solidly built and runs low to the ground, but he isn't just a power back. He has some shake in his game.

"I'm good at avoiding people. But if I have to, I feel I can go through them. I feel I have pretty good vision on the field."

ON THE SUBJECT of recruiting, Hasty told Scout.com on Nov. 1 he is leaning towards heading out of state for college. But he also said that WSU remains in the picture. "I'm leaning to leaving the state. I'm real wide open right now. I'd say my top schools, though, are Cal, UCLA, Arizona State, Oregon and probably Washington State," he said.

Hasty confirmed to Cougfan.com that WSU is indeed one of the schools he's considering. There isn't any one school recruiting Hasty the hardest at this time.

"All of the schools I'm considering are recruiting me fairly hard. Oregon, UCLA, Cal, Colorado is starting to, Arizona State, Penn State..."

Is Washington State recruiting Hasty hard?

"Yes, they are. Although, it seems like they haven't called me as much (as some of the other schools.)"

ONE AREA that will be of interest to Hasty when making his decision, how good the offensive line projects to be..

"I want to see how their line is going to do. And how good the team is, how they're going to do the next couple years. Because when I have to be the man, I want to see how they're going to build up. (Also,) how the coaches click with the team, and how the team works together."

Academically, all the schools Hasty is considering appear on equal footing for the running back.

"All the schools seem like they have pretty good academics. So I'll just want to see if they have good programs, what I'll be interested in (major wise)."

Hasty hasn't set any official visit dates, and will in all likelihood wait until after his senior season comes to a close at Bellevue to decide what trips to take.

"I haven't made any plans for any college visits but I will -- probably at the end of the season."

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