Quotables: Post-game with Doba & Koetter

TEMPE -- Doba tells senior he's sorry he won't send them off with a bowl game, but points to Apple Cup for some measure of redemption. Koetter says Cougars challenged Walter to throw deep and he did so with relish.


On the game overall
They outplayed us. Their kicking game was better. We missed a short field goal and they punted the ball well. I guess there is a reason that they won eight games this year. I was scared to death of [Andrew Walter] coming into the game and unfortunately he didn't prove me wrong. He just threw the ball on the money. They had guys open and when they were, he put it there. He's a good player."

On Andrew Walter's time to throw
"We were blitzing and trying to put pressure on him, but he did a nice job. Their offensive line picked up on our blitzes, and we thought we had a couple schemes that might work. We got to him a couple of times, but you can't sack a guy when he takes a timed drop on play-action and gets a five-step drop. He just threw it in there. The biggest thing was that he threw it to them and their receivers made some good cuts. We didn't do a good job in the secondary of covering them. We had a couple missed assignments and just got in the hole. We got behind early and there will be better days."

On ASU's OL picking up blitzes
"They were slide protecting and you have to guess which way they are going to slide it. We were trying to come off bringing four to the weak side and fit on the running back. They guessed right more than we did, or, we guessed wrong, I should say. Credit to them, I thought they played well.

On seniors not getting another bowl
"I just said sorry because we didn't get that winning season for them, but they have the chance to do something that we haven't done in a long time around here and that's beat Washington. We still have one to play for and it will be our bowl game. We've come close in a lot of ball games and gotten beat three times. This was one of them along with Oregon State and USC. I have to give my guys credit. They kept battling and we just didn't quit."


On Andrew Walter
"Andrew was very sharp early. Washington State's plan was to try to blitz him and he made some beautiful throws. We finally found a team that challenged us to throw the deep post route and we love to throw the deep post route. We made some plays on it tonight and protected Andrew pretty well. We're going to miss that guy. There's no question about that. We do have nine starters coming back on this offensive unit so I think we're still going to be an explosive team next year too."

On the Devil defense
"That's three weeks in a row I think our defense has played really well. Especially the first defense because they only really gave up a couple of plays. We're just not a very deep team. When we went to our subs in the fourth quarter it wasn't a pretty sight. But that's how you get your guys experience. Washington State didn't stop playing and I give them credit for that. I think we totally dominated the game and just didn't do a very good job of putting it away."

On WSU's defense
"In our preparation we knew that they were going to come after us. When you bring seven blitzers you're going to get a chance to make some big plays. You're going to look bad at times because of the blitz and you're going to look good at times because of the blitz.

On Alex Brink
"I think Alex Brink has a real future in this league but the Pac-10 is a league dominated by big time quarterbacks and they're going to have to wait until Brink can get a little bit more experience."

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