Quotes from the Washington State locker room

Pullman—Coach <b>Bill Doba, Mkristo Bruce, Scott Davis, Calvin Armstrong, Jeremy Bohannon</b> and <b>Alex Brink</b> speak out on the Apple Cup victory over the Huskies.

Coach Bill Doba
Credit to the Huskies..
"Hats off to Washington…I want to congratulate Washington on a heck of a ballgame. I thought they battled like crazy. They are beat up and a lot of their good players weren't there. The ones that showed up today played their tails off. They battled right until the end. I thought they would fold but they just kept coming back."

On what the Apple Cup means..
"Don't let anybody ever tell you that this game doesn't mean anything. It means a whole lot. It's a great one to win."

On what the win means to the offseason..
"The win is a springboard for the weight program and the off-season program and for spring ball. We ended the streak and we are trying to start a new streak. It wasn't easy. The Huskies are tough."

On the kickoff strategy..
"On our kickoffs we are so beat up that we really don't have a great cover team. We kicked one deep and they brought the thing back up and looked like they were going to split it. We tried to kick it high left and high right and try to kick it to someone that doesn't field the ball all the time."

On if it feels like he got the piano off his back..
"I don't know about that. It's only my second one, hell I'm .500. I'll take that!"

Mkristo Bruce
On what it means to win an Apple Cup..
"I feel like I just won a bowl game. People were telling me 'Thank you for beating the Huskies.' We were so glad to be able to give back to the fans. Just like the Red Sox, we beat the curse of the Apple Cup. Apple Cups from here to come will be easier because we got that monkey off of our back. It's weird, but those Huskies always seem to come back and creep into games. The WSU fans are some of the best. They come to support us all the time."

Scott Davis
On ending the streak..
"It's been really hard these past few years. This was like a bowl game for us and we won. The fans are proud of us and we're proud of them. Going out on a high is a great thing."

Calvin Armstrong
On the past..
"We won the game this time, the past is over. We put ourselves in this tough position."

Jeremy Bohannon
On coming back after re-injuring his ankle..
"I just had to suck up the pain of my bad ankle, especially in a big game like this. I am just fortunate we had a big game to play. At the end it got a little shaky for us. This is the greatest feeling in the world. This is my last game and to get this game, it was for Cougs all across the nation."

Alex Brink
On the intensity of the Apple Cup..
"The intensity of this game is crazy. Much more than the Civil War between Oregon and Oregon State. Getting the seniors here a win is excellent. This is an exclamation point for my career here."

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