RECRUITING: WSU remains tied at the top for So'oto

TAKING PART in the raucous celebration inside Martin Stadium this Apple Cup weekend was <b>Vic So'oto</b>. talks to the highly rated tight end about his official visit to Washington State, where the Cougs stand and what's next for him in the recruiting process.

Vic So'oto, the No. 1 tight end in the West (No. 11 overall), did not verbally commit to the Cougs this Apple Cup weekend but he thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Washington State.

So much so, that when the final seconds ticked off the clock in the Cougars' victory over the Huskies, So'oto and fellow recruit Fevaea'i Ahmu took to the field to celebrate.

"We got lost," laughed So'oto of the massive crowd that engulfed the field. "We just went out and started cheering. It seemed like in about two seconds everybody was on the field. It was crazy."

So'oto and Ahmu eventually made their way back to the locker room and took in the sights and sounds.

"The game was great. They finally took the Apple Cup back and after the game in the locker room, it was crazy. The seniors have waited a long time for the win. They deserved it and they got it."

THE CARLSBAD HIGH standout enjoyed spending time with the coaches this weekend. So'oto mentioned in an earlier interview with CF.C that he felt a connection with the Washington State staff.

"Oh, the coaches are great. I think the biggest thing was that they were real up front with me about who they have at tight end and what the situation would be if I came there."

One of the coaches the 6-4, 220-pound So'oto spent a good amount of time with was tight ends coach Robin Pflugrad.

"We went over some tight end stuff, he's a great guy. He knows about the tight ends' needs and what we want. His goal is to get the tight ends the ball and that's what my goal is too, and to come away with a victory every Saturday. He's just a great guy."

SO'OTO ALSO HAD THE OPPORTUNITY to ask players like Michael Bumpus why they chose Washington State.

"His main reason was because the coaches were up front with him...and I think that's great how they just really treat players like people rather than just as football players."

So'oto came in to the weekend trip looking to see how he'd be able to balance football with his religion at WSU. He came away with his answers.

"At BYU, its mainly Mormon so everything there would be Mormon. So you wouldn't have to really go out and get it. At Washington State, they have it all there but its all up to you if you want it. So the balance is there, and that was one of the key things I was looking for in my trip to Wazzu."

For someone who is Mormon, BYU will naturally have a strong pull. But the Cougs and their program have certainly made a strong impression on So'oto. He came into the visit with Washington State and BYU as his leaders and that's the way it remains for the No. 1 tight end prospect in the West.

"I'd say they are tied. They're way up there (in front of the other schools). Washington State is just an unbelievable place."

So'oto hopes to take at least two more trips to ensure the decision on where he'll spend the next four or five years is a well-informed one. One of the visits will be to San Diego State on Dec 3. He anticipates making his college choice towards the end of December, possibly in January.

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