RECRUITING: Coach advises RB to keep options open

ALONG WITH fellow Texan <b>James Bradley</b>, Washington State received a verbal commitment from <b>DeMaundray Woolridge</b> this weekend. Forty-eight hours later, things have taken a turn. talked to Woodridge's high school coach to get the latest, the reason behind the change as well as the definitive height, weight and blazing 40 time for the running back out of Keller High.

Keller coach Kevin Atkinson confirmed to that running back DeMaundray Woolridge has re-opened his recruitment following a verbal commitment to WSU this past weekend.

Woolridge plans on at least two additional official visits.

"I talked to him and my whole deal is I think Washington State might be the place for him...but I just want him to (keep his options open) and that way he knows for sure what is the right place for him."

Woolridge has offers from Washington State, Iowa and North Carolina with a possible offer to follow from Missouri. He will trip to North Carolina this weekend, Dec 10. He has tentative plans to visit Iowa on Jan 7 plus a possible visit to Missouri, date to be determined.

WE ALSO ASKED coach Atkinson to clear up any questions regarding Woolridge's height/weight and forty time.

Woolridge is 5-9, 215-pounds.

"That's his average," Atkinson explained. "I think right now (with the season over) he might be down to about 210."

Last year, Woolridge was listed at 5-8, 170-pounds on various sources, including Coach Atkinson let us know that was incorrect.

"One-Seventy? Well, I don't know where you got that from. He might have weighed 170 back when he was a freshman or something."

Last year, Woolridge was also listed as running a 4.4. He's faster than that now.

"No, he's more like 4.3."

Hold up. At 215-pounds with 4.3 speed, how in the world did anyone ever stop him?

"Well, we play in a pretty competitive league down here," said coach Atkinson.

WASHINGTON STATE is still the frontrunner for Woolridge but this one sounds like it might take a while to play out. Coach Atkinson explains, and told us some of what he likes about Washington State.

"The things that are attractive about Washington State is they run the same type of offense, they do a really good job of graduating their athletes, taking care of them and looking after them and those kinds of things. So I'm excited about all those aspects and the only thing is I just want him to be sure."

"The only way you're sure, I just try to really get my guys to keep their options open and make a decision after they see everything."

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