Incoming QB Cole Morgan prepared for next step

<b>COLE MORGAN</b>, the grayshirt quarterback from Seattle who will enroll at Washington State next week, is not the same player who led Ballard High to the state 4A championship game a year ago. For one, he's added over 20 pounds of muscle to his 6-3 frame and throws the ball harder. In addition, he knows this Cougar football team like the back of his proverbial hand, having attended all but one home game this past season.

During his official visit to Pullman last recruiting season, Cole Morgan said Cougar QB Alex Brink told him that the best thing he could do before suiting up in crimson and gray was to arrive as prepared as possible.

So the star pupil of Cougar legend Jack Thompson, the quarterbacks coach at Ballard, has spent the last six months doing exactly that – living in the weight room and stoking the competitive juices by coaching at his alma mater.

"I already know that the workouts have helped me a ton," said Morgan, who's tipping the scales close to 200 pounds.

"Doing this whole core stability thing with coach (Michael) Morgan just really taught me how to lift. I'm sure the weight will help a lot as far as taking shots out on the field but the workouts have also definitely helped me shorten up my throwing motion. I'm throwing the ball a lot harder."

AS FOR COACHING, he helped out with the QBs. "Just being around football, being around defenses helped."

"He's got a head for the position," Thompson told CF.C last February when Morgan signed his letter of intent with the Cougars. "He lives, breathes and eats quarterback. He's an athlete and a real competitor."

"I think Rosey (WSU quarterbacks coach Timm Rosenbach) said it best – that he's a taller Jason Gesser," said Thompson. "Jason wasn't a power QB, but he ended up being the greatest QB there was because of his savvy, his competitive drive and leadership skills. Those are the same intangibles Cole brings to the table."

MORGAN SAYS THOMPSON, the fabled "Throwin' Samoan," has been instrumental in his development. "Coach Thompson was the one who really taught me how to throw -- I think since I was 10 or 11. He's always been working with me. I don't know what I would have done without him. He's somebody who has been through everything. And just a guy who can motivate so well -- its pretty awesome to learn from a guy like that."

Morgan and Thompson's son, Tony, are lifelong friends. Tony, a tight end, also will be enrolling at WSU next week and will walk on to the team in the spring.

Morgan said one of the lessons the elder Thompson taught him was to "inflict your will" upon the game.

And that Morgan did during his junior and senior seasons at Ballard, firing for a collective 47 TDs and more than 3,000 yards.

"I would probably be someplace around an 18," Morgan deadpanned when asked how excited he was to be headed to Pullman in less than a week. "I'm extremely excited to be going over there."

Morgan was also quick to add he isn't the only one that has been working out in preparation of his arrival to Washington State.

"Tony Thompson is a freak. He is HUGE. I am so excited for him to get over there and just impress people with his work ethic and his playing ability. And also another guy (you should keep your eye on) is Blake Ferguson. That guy has amazing athletic ability."

Ferguson, a consensus All-State performer at Issaquah High in 2003, walked on at WSU last year and is known as an extremely hard worker.

MORGAN HAS A pretty good work ethic of his own. The strict regimen he's kept himself on this fall and winter will not be altered this week.

"My last workout will be Friday, and then I'll head over on Sunday. So I won't be going through a drought or anything. I don't know if I could fully prepare myself for it, but I think I've done the best that I could."

Morgan to Thompson. Morgan to Ferguson. Touchdown Washington State.

It has a nice ring to it.

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