Mkristo Bruce's Diary: Week One

PULLMAN — Hello Coug fans! You asked for it and you got it—The Mouth of the Defensive Line! I'll be here on updating you once a week on how your favorite team is preparing this summer for the 2005 season. For starters, there's a whole lot of Crimson and Gray clad student-athletes here in Pullman for the voluntary workouts.

Although the workouts are indeed voluntary, we kicked off the Cougar summer this Monday with another outstanding turnout—virtually the whole team is here. The great thing about summers at Washington State is that the players are so dedicated. Our focus is trained upon football and the upcoming season.

Monday through Friday is football, football, football. Saturday and Sunday is when you rest the muscles and your mind. Now, just to give everybody a brief description of how our summer works.

Monday is "I hope you spent this weekend recovering", day. Because if you didn't, you're going to be hurting. We start our lifting times early, hitting the heavy upper body lifts. On some days, when everybody's done, we go out the door together onto Rogers field and we run. And then we run and run some more. Oh ya, and did I mention we run?

They're called gassers and if you're not familiar with them, the name is a pretty good hint. These running workouts are a huge reason that when the Cougs line up in double overtime or in 110 degree weather in Arizona, we still have some gas left in our tanks.

ROB OVIATT, WSU's Director of Physical Development, is the best in the country, and there are many who will attest to that statement. Coach O makes sure we are not only physically tough on the field, but mentally strong too.

You won't see players slacking off during these workouts, something that helps us strengthen our team bonds as well. Through each workout, you have the older guys pushing and encouraging the younger guys, bringing the team together as one. That's another thing I love about the summer. And I'm not going to lie about this—I love to talk. So I've been known to throw my two cents in there whenever I can. Sometimes, even three cents.

On Tuesdays, we work the trunk and shoulder muscles. Wednesdays, we hit the field for skelly and linemen drills. Thursdays are spent on chest and triceps work.

We cap off our week with our BIG day. QUADS! The lower body is where the most significant strength gains come from, so this is the day you gotta come ready if you haven't got ready. "Mind over matter" is a personal motto for many of the WSU players.

COUG FANS, its been an honor here on CF.C sending my word out to all of you. If you happen to see me roaming about the Palouse, it's a good bet I'm headed to Bohler gym.

If you have any questions, post them on the CF.C message boards and I'll do my best to answer them for next time. Until then,

Mkristo, No. 94

Mkristo Bruce is a junior defensive end from Renton's Liberty High, where he was an all league linebacker and quarterback. In 2004, Bruce started all 11 games at Washington State, leading the Cougs in both sacks and tackles for loss. Along with wide receiver Michael Bumpus, he graciously volunteered to give CF.C readers a window unto the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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