Cleveland is Jonesing for something different

MANY RECRUITS in making their college selection choose not to venture too far away from home when its all said and done, but Cleveland Jones is a little different. The 6-4, 300-pound offensive lineman out of Los Angeles, who also plans on plying his wares on defense this season for Dorsey High, holds three Pac-10 offers. He also has an early frontrunner.

Jones holds offers from Washington State, Arizona and Washington. Among the others recruiting the hardest -- USC, Oregon, ASU and Tennessee.

In a departure from the norm, the behemoth has an adventuresome spirit when it comes to thinking about where he's like to spend his college career -- preferring an experience outside of the Golden state.

"I would go there," said Jones of Washington State. "Because, first of all, its out of California. Mainly, I'm looking for a school outside of California. And I like the football team. It would be a different caliber of football up there because its kind of cold up there. I'd like to experience (something different)."

In speaking with coach Bill Doba this recruiting season, Jones said he liked the fact the head man of the Cougs was down to earth.

"I've talked to the head coach there," said Jones. "He seems a cool dude. I liked his personality and the way he presented himself. He didn't seem too serious or stuck up or anything like that."

Jones has family in Washington state, and former Dorsey teammate and blazing fast linebacker Courtney Williams also joins the Cougs this fall.

HIS LEADER, however, is not Washington State. Jones attended Arizona's linemen camp not long ago and on the strength of that experience, the Wildcats are his clear frontrunner.

"I just liked the whole vibe down there," said Jones, citing the feeling he got from the 'Zona coaching staff, campus and atmosphere.

In addition to getting out of the nest, Jones will be looking at academics and the potential for playing time.

"If its a place I feel I can survive academically and if its a school that needs lineman," said Jones. "Its a thing where me and my mom will be putting our heads together, and figure out what's going to be best."

Jones said he's taken and passed the PSAT, with his SAT now scheduled for October. He's looking to make a verbal commitment by the time Dorsey, hopefully, hits their postseason stride.

"I want to make it by my playoffs," said Jones. "I'd like to make it by then, anyway. Because by then, I'll probably have all the offers I'm going to get."

As a junior, Jones had 28 pancake blocks.

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