Mkristo Bruce's Diary: Week Five

PULLMAN -- Well Coug fans, I had a dream the other night and it went something like this.. NOOOOO GAAAAIN!!! And the Cougar Nation lets out a deafening roar. These are the types of dreams I've been having for a while now, and I love it!

Do you all remember how I was telling you about senior CB Omowale Dada and his two to three workouts a day? Well, Scott Davis, Bryan Skjei and myself have been joining in. Let's just say I won't be doing much else with my free time other than recovering.

Between Dada's workout and the summer's voluntary workout madness with Coach O, my body is in complete disarray and I love it!!!

THIS LAST WEEK was the, and I mean THE, hardest week of the summer so far. Once again, the weights and the reps have increased. And the d-line has been working extra hard to come together as a unit out there.

We'll also be we having a fat boy BBQ for a little more extra time together. Ropati Pitoitua gave me permission to come to the barbecue, saying there's normally a weight limit I have to be over but that's besides the point.

Cornerback Don Turner has been playing extremely well during pass skelly. I actually came into the Cougar program at the same time he did. I remember it like it was yesterday. Cue the retro music.

It was football camp our redshirt year. We all huddled in his dorm room to call "Next!" to play his Tecmo Bowl game on the original Nintendo.

Ever since we've been here, I've watched him work to become an even better athlete -- and he was already quite the accomplished athlete the day he arrived. He has great speed, agility, and plenty of attitude to go along with it.

ONE OF THE BEST things about our team this year is you can sense a lot of nasty in the players, and I mean that in the most positive sense.

Just to put this into perspective, picture a 300 pound Pac-10 offensive lineman coming at you full speed. Would you rather have a nice guy or a NASTY guy ready to battle back? Me, I want nasty.

AJ, Ropati, Nick Mihlhauser, Norvell Holmes, The three D's, (Steve Dildine, Will Derting, Scott Davis), etc. No, not just nasty, but NASTY!

ANOTHER GUY I'm going to talk about is Matt Mullennix.

This guy is huge! He unfortunately hurt his knee during a practice early last year and was lost for the season, having to sit out for months waiting and watching while his team went on without him.

When something like this happens, you have two options -- Quit or fight back. That's the bottom line. And what Matt chose to do was to fight back with a vengeance.

Every day I see him out there, getting better at whatever he can. He's strengthened that knee and now he's out on the field and in the weight room, continuing to get bigger, faster and stronger.

The reason why the Cougs are going be so good is because we have guys that will not quit. Guys like Matt Mullennix.

COUG FANS! Once again, it's been great and I will be back for more next week. As always, post your questions on the message boards here at and I'll get to as many as I can.

Until then, we are -- and we remain -- the Cougar Nation of Domination!!!

Mkristo, No. 94

Mkristo Bruce, junior defensive end at Washington State, is one of 24 players on the preseason watch list for the 2005 Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award. In 2004, Bruce started all 11 games at Washington State, leading the Cougs in both sacks and tackles for loss. During his prep days at Renton's Liberty High, Bruce was an all league linebacker and quarterback. Along with wide receiver Michael Bumpus, he graciously volunteered to give CF.C readers a window unto the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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