Mkristo Bruce's Diary: The final entry

Well Cougfans, it's a very sad day for me. Not because Rod Commons told me I need to save some of my words and breath for the field. (Like I could really run out of things to say!) But I'm sad because this week marks the final summer diary entries on for Michael Bumpus and your main man, Mkristo Bruce. I know, its dire news, but don't shoot the messenger. Because this last entry means we're that much closer to fall camp, when the Cougar Nation of Domination will hit with full force!

In just the blink of an eye, the voluntary summer workouts will be coming to an end. Seniors have come to realize this is their last go-around. They've given their best efforts throughout this summer so that they'll be able to play this game to its fullest this year and hopefully, to continue playing it in the future.

I will tell you from personal experience a little secret about football. When you play this game, in the back of your mind you always think that you'll play forever. But it's the players who realize that if they take every moment that they have, and use it to the best of their ability, those are the guys who will fulfill their dreams. These are the players who want it more than anything in the world.

Like the Cougar players who get up before the sun comes up to lift weights, run, then come back in the afternoon to get some extra work done. This is the legacy of Cougar football, one that we continue to build upon!

I WAS ASKED if the players have ever seen the Ol' Crimson flag waving around on ESPN Gameday. The answer to that is, "Who hasn't?" I mean if you have any crimson in your blood whatsoever, you would have seen that flag.

I don't know about you, but when I first saw Ol' Crimson waving, I had a nice little dance around my dorm room.

I spoke with a few Cougs about the flag and we realized its not only a pride thing, but it also sends a message to the whole country that the Cougs are still here. And we'll be ready.

ANOTHER QUESTION was who's the toughest Cougar lineman I've gone against in my time here. For the past few years, it was Calvin Armstrong but even while I was butting heads with Calvin, I was toughening up some youngsters.

I really like the intensity and play of Bobby Byrd, Nick Mihlhauser and Norvell Holmes. I went head up with Norvell a few times and lets just say he brings all 300 pounds with him. I am proud of our entire offensive line, and I can't wait to see Charles Harris and Spencer Hollison out there as well.

I really believe we'll have a strong line -- on both sides of the ball. Both units have matured greatly since last season.

THIS HAS BEEN a great experience writing to the Cougar Nation, and whenever they let me, I'm going to get some more words out to all of you.

Its no surprise anymore to Rod Commons, and Coug fans all over that I love to talk. I'm a runnin', talkin', hittin', tacklin' machine that won't be stopped!! Have fun and I hope to see all of you on September 1! Because we are a month away from hitting Martin Stadium in full force.

Will you be ready?! Because the Cougs will be!!!

Mkristo, No. 94

Mkristo Bruce, junior defensive end at Washington State, is one of 24 players on the preseason watch list for the 2005 Ted Hendricks Defensive End of the Year Award. In 2004, Bruce started all 11 games at Washington State, leading the Cougs in both sacks and tackles for loss. During his prep days at Renton's Liberty High, Bruce was an all league linebacker and quarterback. Along with wide receiver Michael Bumpus, he graciously volunteered to give CF.C readers a window unto the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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