Schools charging after J.T. Diederichs

J.T. DIEDERICHS, the former Ballard star who signed with Washington State, exploded onto the college scene in 2004 with 1,740 rushing yards and 22 TDs at Dixie State College in Utah. And now the recruiters are coming after the first team JC All-American in a big way -- and an offer from one of the most dominant programs around could be coming soon.

"Every school in the country (just about) has talked to me," said Diederichs, who was part of WSU's recruiting class of 2004 until academic hurdles got in the way. "I haven't been down to get all my letters lately, I have about what seems like a thousand down there."

Washington State, Louisville and Utah are the only ones who've offered him scholarships in writing. But plenty of others, such as USC, are coming on strong.

"They said they liked what they saw," said Diederichs of the Trojans. "But they haven't given me the paperwork yet."

Back in February, Diederichs told CF.C that while it was his plan to attend Washington State after earning his AA degree, he considered all his options open. At that time, he hadn't heard from anyone besides WSU. That has changed dramatically. Diederichs now says he has no leaders.

"Everybody's even," said Diederichs. "It's just like anything else. I'm just playing the recruiting field."

THREE SCHOOLS ARE locks for official visits according to Diederichs, who spent time talking with WSU coach Robb Akey last week.

"Utah, Louisville and Wazzu -- those are my three for sure," he said. "And then whatever else I see that I like is where I'll go on the others."

The coaching staff and the ability to run the ball will figure prominently in his decision.

"I just want to see if I really like the coaches," said Diederichs. "If I feel they're straight and really up front with me. And a good offensive line. If they have a good offensive line (too), that's where I'll go."

Another Ballard star, safety Keauntea Bankhead, resides a few doors down from Diederichs. Bankhead said he intends to enroll at Washington State after his junior college turn, but that all his options also remain open and its a little early to talk recruiting when he has a ways to go before earning his AA. Bankhead enrolled at Dixie this January.

J.T. Diederichs

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