FALL CAMP DAY 2: Tempers flare, balls fly

PULLMAN -- The second practice of fall camp saw a wide receiver make a sterling grab on one play, followed by another wideout landing awkwardly and putting a scare into coaches. The offensive and defensive linemen engaged in some spirited drills, while the voice of assistant coach George Yarno was reportedly coming through loud and clear at the NASA monitoring station in Houston. And there are more details on the surprising addition of Lance Broadus to the Cougar fold.

Michael Bumpus made the play of the day during the Monday morning session, hauling in a thing of beauty down the right sideline. Eric Frampton's coverage was nearly perfect and Bumpus paid the price -- hitting the ground hard -- but he held onto the pigskin.

On another pass play, the Cougs got a scare when fellow receiver Chris Jordan got tangled up down the left seam when both he and Alex Teems went after a jump ball. Jordan came down awkwardly, landing on his knee.

Coach Timm Rosenbach approached him and asked if the play had scared the receiver, a reference to Jordan's repeated knee injuries. He replied; "Yeah. You see the way my knee bent? Luckily it was my good knee."

Jordan got up and was none the worse for wear, taking part in the rest of the day's drills without incident.

In line drills, Andy Roof had to restrain fellow hoss Sean O'Connor from going after defensive end Adam West after West beat O'Connor for a "sack" on consecutive drills.

Roof jumped into the scuffle and pulled O'Connor away. Coaches and players laughed off the incident.

As the two line groups ran across the field for the next set of drills, Yarno, the offensive line coach, noticed the defensive line was ahead of their offensive counterparts. He excoriated his troops to go move faster. The offensive line shifted into high gear and bested the DL to the other side.

Yarno was also heard Sunday from anywhere on the practice field and beyond as he struggled to understand where his equipment managers were, which caused more than a few chuckles.

Cody Boyd missed practice after tweaking an ankle Sunday. The injury is not considered serious and he is day to day.

After freshman cornerback Shelton Danzy was treated for dizziness early Monday, secondary coach Ken Greene saw him trying to come back into drills. The coach asked him if he was still dizzy, followed by another question: "Are we going to call you Dizzy Danzy?"

TO GAIN ELIGIBILITY for D-IA football, Lance Broadus earned his AA degree in three and a half quarters from West LA College. He signed his letter of intent to play at WSU just this past Friday while flying in from home-town Los Angeles. Before Friday, he had never stepped foot in Pullman.

He will have four years to play three and said while he would rather not redshirt this season, he understood it may be necessary. That decision is far from cast in stone, however.

Promising defensive end Jason Roberts may have left the program before camp opened Sunday, but it seems his No. 97 jersey number has been picked up by a player with just as much potential.

Broadus, a former linebacker at Taft High who originally signed on with Oregon before failing to qualify academically, has donned the digits in place of Roberts and is listed as a defensive end for the Cougs.

After the Oregon opportunity was lost, Broadus landed at West LA, the same school where Bursey played last season. Broadus said Bursey was instrumental in him earning a look from the WSU coaching staff as well as his transition to life on Palouse.

COACH BILL DOBA SAID defensive tackle Ropati Pitoitua will not start in the opener against Idaho for disciplinary reasons.

Earlier this year Pitoitua had two incidents regarding alcohol.

NOT ALL OF THE WALK-ONS are yet practicing with the Cougs and won't for another couple of weeks.

The NCAA limit for the number of players allowed to practice is 105 before classes begin, which for the Cougars is August 22.

COACH GREENE says -- as of today -- there are four clear starters in the secondary, while Courtney Williams and Lorenzo Bursey are also getting looks at the DB position. Use this link for an in depth look at the WSU secondary here on Day 2 of fall camp.

Starters emerge in secondary

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