What They're Saying, 9/18/05

RELIVE THE GLORY of the Grambling State marching band and Washington State's 48-7 victory over the Tigers with these quips and quotes from eyewitnesses to the Cougs' third straight win of the 2005 season.

"The Cougars entered Saturday's game expecting to roll over a Division I-AA opponent, and that they did. Forget about the Alex Brink fumble on Washington State's first offensive play – no big deal. And WSU's lethargic play in the first half – no problem." Glenn Kasses, The Spokesman-Review

"In a way, Washington State might have preferred to see Grambling State do justice Saturday to its fabled tradition in small-college football. As it was, things came a little too easily to the Cougars, who will now take a 3-0 record and a slightly hazy self-image into Pac-10 Conference play." Dale Grummert, Lewiston Tribune

"We knew that we couldn't make any mistakes. The challenge was great. That was a Pac-10 foe, and we were just little old Grambling." GSU coach Melvin Spears

"GSU's lone score came on an acrobatic catch by Henry Tolbert, who tipped the ball in the end zone then came down with it in the latter part of the third quarter. Even then, WSU answered with two more touchdowns." Nick Deriso, The Shreveport Times

"The memory many fans will take from the game isn't football but that of the Cougars band spontaneously joining the Grambling band on the field late in the postgame show. Crimson and yellow band uniforms intermingled and the Cougars tried their hand at Grambling gyrations. It was a genuine feel-good moment for all musicians and fans." Craig Smith, Seattle Times

"This is not to say the Cougars themselves couldn't find a good spin to put on their 48-7 dissection of Grambling State – or that they're not entitled to take the rosiest view. They will – bottom line – exit September 3-0, and why feel bad about that? Two of Wazzu's 10-win teams of recent vintage couldn't say the same. Of course, those two teams actually, you know, played somebody." John Blanchette, The Spokesman-Review

"Grambling is a Division I-AA program noted for its athleticism, quickness, fluidity and mobility. And that's just the band. Actually, the team has some physical talent, too, and with 11 players on the traveling roster weighing in at more than 300 pounds, it may be the weightiest I-AA team in the country. Heck, their quarterback comes in at a robust 260." Dave Boling, Tacoma News Tribune

"If they can sack that guy they can sack anybody." Bill Doba

"So now, can the season begin?
Whoops, it's still a little premature for Washington State, which yesterday at Qwest Field belched through the final third of its lemon-meringue preconference schedule with a 48-7 victory over Grambling State." Bud Withers, Seattle Times

"In an unofficial, geographically dislocated doubleheader, Washington dumped Idaho, 34-6, at Husky Stadium, and Washington State abused Grambling State, 48-7, at Qwest Field. Idaho's a tougher opponent than Grambling, but the Cougars had fewer troubles Saturday, so we'll give the Cougs a narrow "win" over the Huskies." Dave Boling, Tacoma News Tribune

"The other praiseworthy performances were delivered by the Cougars' offense. WSU, with 515 yards, cracked the 500-yard barrier for the second consecutive week and has scored 140 points in three easy victories. It's the most points scored to start a season since the 1908 team scored 150 while playing Eastern Washington, Spokane YMCA and Bremerton Navy." Darrin Beene, Tacoma News Tribune

"Yes, it's all about winning, and the Cougars have done that. Anything short of victory in the first three would have caused Congress to swing its interest from stanozolol to the Palouse." Bud Withers, Seattle Times

"But here's the deal: There is entertainment and then there is entertainment value, and the football game Saturday may have had the former. Maybe. It's always fun to watch Jason Hill catch a touchdown pass, but there's not much value in watching him do it against a defensive back who was passed over by 119 Division I-A teams." John Blanchette, The Spokesman-Review

"Woolridge, getting the bulk of the carries after Jerome Harrison recorded his sixth consecutive 100-yard game, became the first WSU freshman to have two 100-yard games with his 105-yard effort." Darrin Beene, Tacoma News Tribune

"This relocation of home games to Seattle continues to be a profitable enterprise for the Cougars. And at some point, it could turn into an even larger experience, as Washington State athletic director Jim Sterk mentioned the possibility of playing Ohio State at Qwest in the 2009 season. By the end of the day, Seattle had become the NCAA epicenter of lopsided football." Dave Boling, Tacoma News Tribune

"But Brink, for one, said the step up from Grambling to a BCS-conference foe won't trouble the Cougars too much. And if he's right, the Cougars might just come out of this season looking as cheery as the Tigers' band for scheduling Grambling as win No. 3 of the year." Glenn Kasses, The Spokesman-Review

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