What They're Saying, 10/02/05

BEFORE REPRESSING THE horrific memory of Washington State's 44-33 pratfall to Oregon State, check out how these scribes from around the Pacific Northwest describe the ugly turn of events.

"Statistics, a wise man once said, are for losers. No one knows that more than Washington State quarterback Alex Brink. Brink passed for a school-record 531 yards Saturday afternoon, but his four interceptions -- all in the second half -- doomed Washington State in a wild, downright bizarre 44-33 loss to Oregon State." Howie Stalwick, King County Journal

"Those Cougars, they break your heart. And ruin a good story." Blaine Newnham, Seattle Times

"As you know, Wazzu scheduled itself a September of scrimmages against the football-challenged – apparently, the only reason Huxley College wasn't part of the lineup is that Groucho and Harpo wanted too much in the way of a dollar guarantee. This did not lend itself to accurate evaluation of the Cougs, or even to staying awake much of the time." John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"This meltdown will be mentioned in the Cougars hall of blown games for years." Craig Smith, Seattle Times

"There isn't much to say when you're trailing by 17 points with 1:46 left in the second quarter, the other team is making you look silly, and the visiting fans in the corner of the stadium are laughing at you. Imagine how Oregon State felt at that point in the second quarter, well on the way to a third consecutive blowout loss that would effectively blow the Beavers' season out of the water." Paul Buker, The Oregonian

"Meanwhile, the Beavers were also beating WSU in the other two phases of the game, exposing the Cougars kickoff coverage and return teams all game long. Given rough field position, the Cougars defense that held up against weaker competition didn't when faced with a Pac-10 offense." Glenn Kasses, Spokesman-Review

"It's too simplistic to sum up Washington State's 44-33 loss to Oregon State on Saturday as a case of the Cougars being half good and half bad." Darrin Beene, (Tacoma) News Tribune

"The Cougars could have made a statement yesterday for doing it the old-fashioned way, not with suites and smiles, but with an aggressive game plan and athletes from everywhere. Harrison is from Michigan via Pasadena City College, Hill from San Francisco, Brink from Eugene." Blaine Newnham, Seattle Times

"As metaphors go, Jason Hill's being reduced to pedaling a bicycle designed to go nowhere was just Washington State's size on Saturday afternoon. And it could last the season. The metaphor, that is." John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"There was no special halftime speech or drastic change in game plan. The Oregon State football team's defensive players just came face-to-face with another embarrassing loss. After enduring two of them, they had had enough." Cliff Kirkpatrick, Corvallis Gazette-Times

"The loss wiped out the glorious stats and some of the best plays of the season, such as Don Turner's one-handed interception in the end zone in the fourth quarter. Those plays went for naught as did the prolific offensive stats." Craig Smith, Seattle Times

"The Beavers are alive, brought back from the brink of disaster by a defense that transformed itself from the new, goofy Benny in the first half into old, angry Benny after the intermission. WSU's five second-half turnovers didn't happen in a vacuum; they were forced by a proud unit upset at its halftime reflection." Brooks Hatch, Corvallis Gazette-Times

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