What They're Saying, 10/09/05

IF YOU ARE still recovering from Saturday's 24-21 loss to an inferior (just ask UC-Davis) Stanford Cardinal football team, you might want to avoid the notable quotes this week. However, if your optimism toward the Cougar football season is still alive, grab the Prozac and read on.

"Choose a word: Grim, bleak, discouraging. They all apply to the state of the Washington State football team after losing to lowly Stanford yesterday." Craig Smith, The Seattle Times

"Stanford's second win of the season gave the Cardinal consecutive road victories for the first time in five years and set off a bout of locker-room jubilation. The celebration was as therapeutic as it was enthusiastic, considering the demoralizing effects of consecutive losses to UC Davis and Oregon and the fact that the last time the Cardinal won a Pac-10 game was last October on this same field." Michelle Smith, San Francisco Chronicle

"Maybe Stanford should play all of its games at Martin Stadium." Darren Sabredra, San Jose Mercury News

"So much for snacking on dessert before getting to the meat of matters with their next five Top 25 opponents. What everyone figured as a sure-fire 5-0 start for the Cougs dissolved into the reality of a 3-2 record in the wake of an unsettling 24-21 loss to a clumsy Cardinal club at Martin Stadium." Greg Johns, King County Journal

"The Cougars have lost every October game they have played the past two seasons. The awful déjà vu feeling from last week's meltdown permeated the team." Craig Smith, The Seattle Times

"And if there weren't so many other things that need attention, there would surely be more discussion of whether Alex Brink is the right choice at quarterback. A week after his tough second half at Oregon State, he threw two more interceptions, including a heave-it-up-for-grabs effort at midfield with 32 seconds left and WSU still breathing." Bud Withers, The Seattle Times

"It was easier to understand how Oregon State's high-powered offense rolled through and around Washington State last week. But Stanford's? The Cardinal offense was the worst in the Pacific-10 Conference at 276 yards per game before Saturday. After Saturday's 24-21 victory over the Cougars at Martin Stadium, it looked like one of the best." Darrin Beene, Tacoma News Tribune

"But frankly, these Cougs needed a bonfire and not just a spark. In fact, they'd do well to make a list themselves, the things they might want to re-evaluate. For instance, their playmakers making plays like fair-catching a punt on the 1-yard line." John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"So blame UC Davis — the not-quite-Division I-AA team that held Stanford to 180 yards in an upset earlier this year — for allowing the Cougars to drop their guard." Bud Withers, The Seattle Times

"The Cougars never led and allowed Stanford senior quarterback Trent Edwards to impersonate John Elway. Edwards rushed 12 times for 92 yards and completed 19 of 28 passes for 257 yards and three touchdowns." Craig Smith, The Seattle Times

"Their only remaining unranked foe is Washington in the Apple Cup. And surely UW quarterback Isaiah Stanback should be drooling after watching Stanford's Trent Edwards carve the Cougs up with both his arm (257 yards passing) and legs (92 yards rushing). It's the latter which should open eyes, given Edwards came into the game with a career rushing total of negative-one yard." Greg Johns, King County Journal

"Large holes, I realize their offense was keeping us off the field, and I tip my hat to their coordinator. That was very smart of them. You can't score points if you're not on the field." Jerome Harrison

"Washington State still has six football games to play – but a look at who the next five are against and what's happened against the last two should make it clear that the season as a meaningful exercise is a goner." John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"Not ready for Pac-10. That's one way to look at it. The other is to wonder if WSU just isn't very good after watching Stanford outsmart and eventually out-physical the short-handed Cougs, who should have had plenty of focus after being burped by the Beavers seven days earlier." Greg Johns, King County Journal

"What's more, all was to be well once the Cougars returned to the cuddly embrace of Martin Stadium, which they hadn't felt for – what was the exact count again? – 37 days. We'd break that down into hours and minutes, but our math skills were spent totaling up the yardage Stanford's Trent Edwards gained on quarterback draws Saturday afternoon." John Blanchette, Spokesman-Review

"It feels great, I felt the same way last year. It's a really tough place to play. The Washington State fans were all yelling UC-Davis at us before the game. That kind of got me going. It was a lot of fun to be out there.'' Trent Edwards,Stanford Quarterback

"Frankly, the score could have been a lot worse, given Stanford missed two field goals and had a 58-yard touchdown pass nullified by penalty. This wasn't a matter of the Cougs letting one slip away. They took this one flush on the jaw." Greg Johns, King County Journal

"Here are the facts, in lights: Right now, this simply isn't a very good football team. Playing the way it performed here yesterday — not forcing a turnover, allowing Edwards to look like Vince Young, hitting and missing in the throwing game — it won't win another game." Bud Withers, The Seattle Times

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