Coug-Bruin Notes and Quotes

PULLMAN -- Bill Doba's troops played a whale of a game Saturday and built a huge lead over No. 12 UCLA, but couldn't get the W. Afterward, WSU was succinct: "Great effort, especially offensively for our kids ... but we have to learn how to finish. We just couldn't get a turnover. They fumbled and they recovered it. We got so close, but close doesn't count, only in horse shoes and hand grenades."

Here's what else Doba (and others) had to say following the 44-41 Cougar loss.

Bill Doba:
"I think we came out ready to play. We moved the ball offensively and held up fairly well defensively, but as the game wore on we couldn't stop anybody. Credit to them, they have been scoring points and they did it to us.

(second half offense) They played well. We were running the same things we did in the first half. We tried to get the zone, we ran the power play, threw the hitch pattern, they did a pretty nice job. We just needed a couple of first downs right there. We weren't trying to be conservative, we weren't trying to hold anything back. We were trying to get a first down. They brought the safety down. We were thinking they were going to bring this one down and we were going to go that way and they would bring the other one down. They were kind of outguessing us. Credit to them, they did a nice job.

(more emotion this week) The kids were tired of getting back. They felt like they could have won the last two and we had a good week of practice. This will be a real tough week this week because I thought the coaches did a great job. They got them ready to play and we came out ready, but we just couldn't finish.

(defensive concerns) It didn't confirm anything. We just have to come back and fight harder. When you say 'this confirms' and 'our worst fears' that means I am giving up and we're not giving up, I promise you that. We'll be ready next week.

(last three losses and mental state) Obviously yes. It is tough, it is tough coming back and getting up each week without that win. It is a real test of their character and it will be up to us as coaches to try and lead them, get them back. They are starting to get frustrated, so are we, so are our fans. I thought they were good today. They were loud. I'm sorry to disappoint them.

(Harrison each week builds on the previous week) I said that last week. He's Jerome. He's a good player and a great competitor. No one took it harder than him. He was really upset."

Alex Brink, WSU Quarterback
"We just didn't play 60 minutes of football, or 65 minutes of football, whatever it was.

(toughest 3 game stretch you have had) Yah, we are losing. We lost three games in a row. That's tough for anybody. I've never really been in a situation like this. I guess, the only thing I know how to do is go out and work harder and just get better. And we are and we are going to improve.

(fourth quarter three-and outs) We were certainly trying to protect the football and not make a huge mistake. That played into it. Obviously they made defensive adjustments. Everybody does as the game goes along. They certainly turned it up a notch late in the game and we never really responded too well.

(what Jason Hill adds to the offense) He adds another whole dimension. He's a guy who can go deep for you but also a guy who is good underneath and he makes plays and so having him in the game definitely helped. The way Jerome was running the ball I think it was a pretty good combination. (Limited in play) Not a lot. He did most of the things he's done in the past. I am sure he was slowed up a little, I think he played in a little pain, but he battled through it and had a pretty good game.

(mental makeup of team after this game) Right now I think we are all pretty down. That was a winnable game. If they are the 12th team in the nation, I don't know where we should be at. Obviously we are down but we have to bounce back. We have five more games to play and we are looking to go to a bowl still. We are not going to stay down too long. We are going to come back fighting."

Jerome Harrison, WSU Running Back
(tired) "Nope. I'm in good shape by Coach O (Rob Oviatt, strength coach).

(Frustrated) Got to be. You can never be satisfied with a loss. Played so hard, I thought we got a win. Never be satisfied with a loss, especially that way. Number 12 team in the country and we really kicked their butt the whole way except for the end. That really hurt us. I won't be able to swallow that one.

(team learning growth) A lot of positive things out of this one. Like I said, they were number 12 nationally. We kicked their butt til the last couple of minutes of the game. We've just got to learn how to finish. I think the offense, and I think the defense is playing very well. Once we learn how to finish we'll be all right.

(difference late in the game) Everything was the same. They just brought the safety down.

(did you know early it was going to be a big day) After, I want to say the first or second carry, I came back to the huddle. I looked in my lineman's eyes and they had a look determination. I have been here for about a year and a half almost now, and I've never looked in my offensive lineman and seen that look that they had, like after the third or fourth carry. They just had a look in their eyes, determination. That just really lit me up inside. It is real good when the guys up front get that feeling. They just had a look I've never seen before. They all had the same look After I saw that I was just like, its going to be me and the safety all day. That's what it was. (at the end?) Yes it was, yes it was. Those are great guys up front, man, excellent drives. I think they are getting a lot of respect now, a lot of respect.

Nick Mihlhauser, WSU Center
"We were just doing our assignments, getting on guys we need to and letting Jerome do the rest. We had it going all night long. I don't think it was just in the beginning. I think it was all throughout the game. I don't know how we got it out of our hands.

(Did UCLA change front) They went from strong eagle to eagle. They tried to blitz us. We were just getting hat on hat and hitting our line marks. When you do that you make big runs, you get Jerome one on one with the safety and that's all you can ask for.

UCLA Head Coach Karl Dorrell
(on the game) "What an effort, what an effort. We did not play well at the beginning. They made some plays early. We made some adjustments at halftime. We made them earn some things in the second half. We've been a very good adjustment team in the second half. Our defense really did a nice job of creating some three and out situations; gave our offense an opportunity to put some points on the board. I might have a heart attack one of these days, but I tell you what, if I have to win them all like this I'll take it every time."

(on Olson's play) "He's been doing this the last few weeks. He's been "Mr. Crunch Time" for us. Whenever there has been a time to make a play, he's been making a play. He's proven that he can win when the chips are against him. He's proven he can win on the road, in a pretty crazy environment. He's the leader of our offense and he's leading by how he is playing."

(on the comeback) "It was deep. If you walk up and down our sidelines there were a lot of guys who still believed that they can get themselves back in the game. We are really excited as a football team that we know how to finish. That's something that's usually hard to coach but for some reason or another, this team does it very, very well."

UCLA RB Maurice Drew
(On what Drew Olson told him at the beginning of the overtime drive) "He just told me, 'Don't fumble it', because he knew we were going to run it. We had a bad first half and we just washed that away. We didn't even think about. We came out the second half and played a great game. We just went out there and had fun. That's what it is all about. You can't ever doubt. You got to always believe. The defense stepped it up when we needed them to and they did a great job for us."

UCLA QB Drew Olson
(on being in a deficit early in the game) "It's not a fun feeling, especially in this kind of environment where the more the home team gets up the harder it is to come back. Offensively, we felt fine from the get-go. The first half we killed ourselves a couple of times and made it hard for ourselves. We felt confident at halftime. We were making mistakes in the first half and really didn't make too many in the second half. We just tried to go out and score as many points as possible."

(on coming back to win) "It's by far the biggest hole I ever come out of. As the game progressed we just got more and more confident. Regardless of the score, we kept our focus, our poise. We really played calm. I have never been so calm at the end of the game like that."


# WSU's Jerome Harrison's 57-yard touchdown run marked the third time this season the Cougars have scored on their opening drive..,Harrison's went 80 yards on the first play against Idaho and Harrison scored on a 2-yard run at Oregon State.

# With his two rushing touchdowns today, Jerome Harrison now has 20 for his career, fourth all-time at WSU. Harrison also has 11 rushing touchdowns this season, which is tied for fourth on the WSU single-season list.

# Jerome Harrison's 260 rushing yards marks his second straight game, and third of his career, that he has gone over 200 yards...Rueben Mayes only other Cougar with back-to-back games of 200 plus rushing yards...Harrison and Mayes share school record for career 200-yard games.

# With his first quarter touchdown reception, Cougar Jason Hill has now caught a scoring pass in each of his last eight games...also has a reception in 16 straight games, every game he has played from the start of last season.

# WSU junior safety Eric Frampton registered a career-high 12 tackles, eclipsing his previous best of nine set last week against Stanford.

# For the second straight week WSU freshman linebacker Greg Trent established a career-high in tackles, recording 12 this week...had 10 last week against Stanford.

# Mkristo Bruce's third-quarter sack gives him 14.5 in his career, tied for ninth all-time on the Cougar career list (Will Derting and Dorian Boose (1996-97).

# Loren Langley's 48-yard field goal in the third quarter was his career-long...previous long was a 44-yarder against Colorado in Seattle (9/11/04).

# UCLA improved to 5-1 in overtime games all-time...WSU is 2-7.

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