Ramble On! Pac-10 Picks: Week Eight

FIFTEEN MINUTUES. Fifteen freaking minutes. Oh how I'm starting to loathe those 15 minutes. If 15 minutes go the right way for the Cougs the last few weeks, I get to plan my New Years around warmer climates instead of accepting an invitation to a countdown party where there probably won't even be a clock. Fifteen minutes shuts up my Husky coworkers instead of hearing "At least we have basketball!" Hell, 15 minutes separates "I love you, man" drunk from "Who wants a headbutt?" drunk.

And most importantly, fifteen minutes separates me from being able to come up with new material each week and having to ask "How the hell did that happen AGAIN?" over and over…

Now, I'm not one to judge. More than once, and to this day, I've yet to finish an entire Fatburger in one sitting. But I implore you Cougs: Don't be like me. If you must draw on my experiences for inspiration, think of all the books I've checked out just so my coffee table wasn't bare. Do whatever you can, boys. Just finish. And don't tell my boss I left early.

Time to ramble on…

By the time this story hits the web, this game will likely be sold out, meaning Husky Stadium will have its first sellout since "Who Let the Dogs Out?". You have to think many people are going to this game to see the show put on by Reggie Bush and rambler-nemesis Matt Leinart. Lets hope most of the crowd files in before the first quarter's over. Trojans

Forget the spread for the week, the real bet will be which will have more people: The Sun Dirkles injured list or the amount of fans attending the game. I've been racking my head all week trying to figure this one out. If I'm looking at this rationally, I have to see all the offensive weapons the Dirkles can use in this game to put points on the board. And the Trees? They have Trent Edwards scrambling up the middle. Reality comes back to Palo Alto this weekend. Sun Devils

Oregon, fresh off their bye week (or as the rest of the Pac-10 refers to it: "the Washington game"), travels to Tucson thinking more about the catchprase they can plaster on billboards after yet another Sun Bowl bid. Rumor has it that all-everything freshman Willie Tuitama may have his redshirt burned and play some quarterback for the Wildcats this week. This is a double-bonus for the kid as not only is he being given the reigns of a Pac-10 team as a nineteen year old, but being on the field 25 yards away from the sideline keeps him just out of reach in case his coach decides to throw a tantrum and launch a tub of Gatorade. Ducks

Other than their Portland State game, I've picked Oregon State incorrectly every single week this season. When I pick them to win, they lose and vice versa. That being said, the Beavs should obviously roll UCLA by three touchdowns. Beavers

What do you do when your quarterback can't seem to make decisions quickly enough, throws interception after interception and has the fans chanting to start a true freshman? Well, apparently at Cal, you make him captain. This game matches up the two most polite teams in the Pac-10, each giving away several gifts to their opponents all season. Frankly, I'd much rather discuss with you who will be leading at the end of the 3rd quarter of this game than who will actually win it. For karma's sake, we're trying something new here. Bears

Last Week: 2-3
Overall: 28-16


Things just aren't going well for the rambler in any aspect this season. Can't watch my team win, can't be funny, can't pick a Pac10 game, can't win any money, can't finish a column before a deadline, you get this idea. I think the gods liked me more when I was greedy and didn't announce I was giving the money away. Last week I went 1-3 and dropped below the Mendoza Line to $84. Again, all proceeds this year are donated to the ALS Association (www.alsa.org). This week I try not to hit rock bottom with picks like:

Week 8 ($84)
Alabama (-4) over Tennessee: $21
Oregon State (+9.5) over UCLA: $21
Texas Tech (+17) over Texas: $21
USC (-30) over Washington: $21

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