Spring Ball: Day Thirteen

PULLMAN--Several days after <b>Allen Thompson</b> made his triumphant return to spring practice, <b>Mike Bush</b> made his long-awaited return Tuesday afternoon. Bush had been resting the foot he injured during the basketball season since the first week of practice. He showed no lingering effects of the injury, as he looked in sync with the offense and made several nice catches during the team's two-minute drill.

Now the bad news: Just when it seemed the receiving corps would be back up to full strength after Bush's return, Devard Darling went down with an injury. Darling has a sore ankle that kept him out of practice Tuesday, and could keep him from playing in Saturday's Crimson and Gray Game.

Wednesday will mark the final full practice of the spring, as the team will not practice on Friday, like it had the rest of the spring. Coach Mike Price customarily gives the players the day off before the Crimson and Gray Game.

The format is just about set for Saturday's game, scheduled for 2 p.m. in Martin Stadium. The first team offense, defense and special team will comprise the majority of the Crimson team, while most of the No. 2s and 3s will make up the Gray squad.

Because of the often-changing depth charts due to injuries and other factors, expect several players to be switching teams throughout the day. Matt Kegel will probably get some reps with both the No. 1 and No. 2 offense. This will be a bit of a switch from last year's game, when the top team had virtually all of the travel squad and the second team was made up of freshmen and bench players. Although the Crimson will definitely be the stronger team, Saturday's game should be more balanced than last year's.

Notably absent from this year's game will be cornerback Jason David. David, out all spring to concentrate on academics, drew the attention of fans and the coaching staff alike with his stellar performance in Spokane last year.

And speaking of last year's C & G game, here's an interesting bit of trivia: Two of the scrimmage's defensive stars that day, linebackers Curtis Holden and Aaron Wagner, never played a down for the Cougars in 2001. Wagner went on his Mormon mission; Holden was ruled academically ineligible.


Nothing definite yet, but the annual Crimson and Gray game will likely be taken on the road in the near future, as it was last year when the scrimmage was held at Joe Albi Stadium in Spokane. One scenario has the game alternating between Pullman and Spokane, and could possibly include other cities throughout the state.


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