CHAT ROOM RECAP: Greene, fans cover secondary

COACH KEN GREENE answered a wide range of questions from subscribers in the early-lunch chat session on CF.C Wednesday. Here's the exclusive summary of that straight-forward conversation, and your chance to gain the insights of WSU's defensive backs coach. A sampling of the topics discussed includes: How are the young Cougar DBs looking, difference between this year and seasons past, the read-step plus much more.

COUGFANcom:: Welcome coach Greene!!! The coach's time is limited so let's open it up for questions from the Cougar faithful here on CF.C !!
CoachGreene:: It's nice to be here today. Thanks for having me.

DobasD03:: welcome coach....if you can comment on (Tyron) Brackenridge, what is his status for returning next year
CoachGreene:: He is solid academically and will be ready to go next fall.

Kennewick Man:: Ken, who did you like better -- Sweeney, Sherrill or Powers? How has the program changed since then?
CoachGreene:: Sweeney was my first head coach and he recruited me. He was tough, demanding coach that got the best out of you. I have a great deal of respect for him. Powers was a players coach that changed the environment completely from Sherrill and made it fun to play football.

LA Coug:: How are the young corners (Danzy, Williams, Bursey) and Michael Willis looking?
Kennewick Man:: Many of us thought Willis would be instant impact. Please comment on his development.
CoachGreene:: Young corners: Courtney Williams probably has the most potential because he runs exceptionally well. He has size and his quickness will be an issue and we'll see if we can address that. Bursey had never played much corner before so his development will take some time and Danzy will not be at corner, it appears he is more suited for safety. Michael Willis took a year off and is working through some rust to get him back to the athlete he was before taking time off.

tfcoug:: How is Danzy doing?
CoachGreene:: Danzy has been hurt and we have taken him out of practices to focus on academics.

DobasD03:: in the past few years, the DB's at WSU have been solid to spectacular...what is different this year? Lack of push up front? Speed problems? Technique?
CoachGreene:: DBs: Combination in pass defense. It 's a combination of a good push up front, everyone staying in their pass-rush lanes, linebackers getting their drops and the secondary being able to cover. I think we have made too many mistakes in that secondary to be solid and we are giving up cheap plays that we shouldn't be giving up. We have some young safeties that are going to be very good and we need to continue to get better at the corner position.

LA Coug:: So who is likely to play corner opposite Brack next year?
CoachGreene:: At this point it's going to be Don Turner or a junior college player we recruit.

Kennewick Man:: How have these very tight losses affected the mood of the coaches and the team?
CoachGreene:: It's difficult any time you lose as many games with as small a margin as we have. To the credit everybody involved, the attitudes have been great, they have continued to work every week and try to find a way to win football games.

DobasD03:: Frampton has really stepped up as a tackler this year, is he becoming more of a vocal leader in the backfield?
LA Coug:: Frampton and the cover team did an amazing job on Reggie Bush. Please pass that along.
CoachGreene:: I think Eric Frampton is going to be an outstanding player when it is all said and done. He's got the size, the speed and the intensity to be a dominate player. He needs to continue to develop his understanding of the game.

tfcoug:: I've been really impressed with the speed and cover skills of Courtney Williams..... Is he going to be in the mix for the backfield
CoachGreene:: Courtney was a defensive end in high school and never played in the secondary. But we like his potential and the biggest question is can he change directions well enough to play corner. Those will be answered in the spring.

Kennewick Man:: What trick from the NFL have you brought to your coaching style?
CoachGreene:: Coaching style: I think the biggest thing is to understand the passing game, how they are trying to attack you. Try and eliminate bad matchups.

DobasD03:: Without naming any names....any Trufant, Erik Coleman types that you are recruiting this year?
CoachGreene:: There are some kids in central Calif. that have some incredible potential on the high school level. In addition to central Calif, there are some real promising players in southern Calif. and Colorado.

CadTramp:: It seems we are deeper at S than CB, which brings up H. Abdullah, is he locked in at safety or has moving him to CB be discussed, even if that's limited to nickel and dime coverage.
CoachGreene:: Abdullah: We have talked about him to corner, particularly with the injuries at corner. He is the next logical guy and we have worked him at that position during the week.

DobasD03:: who has been the biggest surprise as far as development in the backfield this year, from starter to scout team?
CoachGreene:: Biggest surprise: I think Wale Dada continues to be our most consistent player and a great competitor.

LA Coug:: Any drills to soften the hands of the DB's? A lot of times they are in position to make an INT, but can't complete the catch.
CoachGreene:: We do ball drills every day. We do them prior to practice and then in our individual period. It's just a matter of focusing and making the play when we need it.

CadTramp:: Abdullah follow up Q, is working with him at CB new in the last few weeks or has that been going on longer?
CoachGreene:: Abdullah: Since Wale hurt his knee so it's been at least a month, going back to the bye week.

Kennewick Man:: What challenges do the Ducks bring to the secondary this week?
cougarfan25:: Yes, on Oregon... any changeups with the 2 QBs they bring? Zone, Nickel? What formations can we see to best give WSU a chance vs. Dixon and Leaf!
CoachGreene:: We are building off some things we have done previously and think it will give us a good chance to be successful against the run and pass.

COUGFANcom:: Coach, WSU corners seem to be playing 9, 10, even 11 yards off the receiver at times, even on first down. Why so far back?
CoachGreene:: We play a read-step, so we start at 8-9, which means the first few steps are suppose to be slow reading the 3-step drop of the QB. Then transition into a quicker back peddle. Sometimes during games we start becoming a little softer.

dgibbons:: What geographic area do you recruit? And what are your thoughts on how the DB recruiting is going?
CoachGreene:: Recruit: Bakersfield through the central valley up to the Oregon border, Reno and Oakland.

CrimsonWazzu:: What is the effect on the pass defense of not having Will Derting at Outside Linebacker?
CoachGreene:: I think Will is a major player on Defense on the run and the pass, as well as his leadership abilities.

MichaelP:: How many rides to DB for next year do the staff see?
CoachGreene:: We are thinking as many as six for DBs.

COUGFANcom:: What makes a good safety?
CoachGreene:: Guys who has enough size to play the run, athletic enough to cover and then the great ones are usually sharp guys who can anticipate plays. We have some guys we feel real good about but it going to be very competitive to get that position.

COUGFANcom:: How many hours does the staff put in on a typical game week?
CoachGreene:: Hours: Between 75-80 a week on game week.

tfcoug:: Do any of the guys that you've coached that are playing on Sundays helped (legally) with recruiting? i.e. Trufant, David etc
CoachGreene:: Other than the fact that they know they are there, like MNF Jason David announcing he played at Washington State. That's about all they can be involved in.

CoachGreene:: Thanks folks. Talk to you soon.
COUGFANcom:: Coach Greene, thanks for all your valuable insights. ONWARD CRIMSON SOLDIERS !!!!

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