Ramble On! Pac-10 Picks: Week 11

At this point, is there anything left to say about losing a game in the fourth quarter? What else did we learn last week? Well, I learned Dirkles is allowed to call time out after snapping the ball, OSU learned there's nothing that shakes the curse of the Rambler like playing the Huskies and Arizona has shown quarterback changes CAN make a difference in the team's performance. And UCLA learned (again) not to flip that page on the calendar to January until after the season's over.

But most importantly I've learned I hate rockslides. And White Pass. And 10 hour car rides that should've taken four. And Yakima. I'm sure it's nice when you're not still wearing the clothes you had on Friday, but for now: Yakima's on the list.

Good luck to the students coming home next week! Tell the traffic in Packwood I said Hi! It's time to ramble on…

Stanford's playing the what-if game more than anyone in the Pac-10 this season save for the Cougs. What if they hadn't blown a three touchdown lead to the Bruins? What if they had scheduled Idaho instead of the Banana Slugs of UC-Davis? What if UW wasn't left off their schedule? What if Buddy-T was hired back on as "Consultant of Awesomeness"? Season One of the Super-sized bean dip will end without a sell-out; which should make Stanford feel right at home. Cardinal

Wasn't the rematch last year? I'm failing to see why this is getting as much publicity as it is. Oh yeah. Forgot. We get to read about USC when Winston Justice gets a C+ on his Sociology Pop Quiz. Remember last year when Aaron Rogers completed 23 consecutive passes? Next we'll be reminiscing about the time Joseph Ayoob threw seven consecutive picks. At the end of the game, Marshawn Lynch will be muttering something about how he wished it were Pete Carroll who jumped off the roof. Trojans

A month ago, this game was supposed to be the match up to decide who has to move to the Sun Belt. Tui-tour (say that five times fast) 2005 takes on the representatives of America's ugliest boating destination, hoping to entice the purple faithful to try something brand new and wax poetic about the glory days. Wildcats

Even after receiving their gift from our Cougs last Saturday, the Dirkles still have a tough climb ahead of them to get to the Silicon Valley Bowl, now that they have to look ahead to Tui-tour '05. Fortunately, they draw the Bruins after Election Day! After the game, Coach Karl said "We're anxious to get off the ground, dust our pants off and find another time to fight." Psst: Coach…. They call "another time" at UCLA "next year." Look for the Dirkles to wait one more week before they begin to start calling for the coach's head. Sun Devils

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've thrown bread at Duck fans! Time flies when you can only watch three quarters of a game. Here's a tip to all the Ducks making the trip: Snoqualmie Pass is WIDE OPEN! You won't be missing much: after the squib kicks, lax pass coverage, fake punts, double-reverse in the red zone, and taking points off the board for a chance at fourth down, the only thing left is for one of the captains to call "sides" at the coin toss. Wait for it…it'll happen. Ducks

Last Week: 4-1
Overall: 38-20


I just keep pushing and pushing all year, don't I? Every week, I keep passing up gimme picks and take on obscurity, hoping picking Rutgers would make it seem like I could get in to Rutgers. We're hoping the basic picks this week bring us back to a level of respectability. Ok, maybe respectability is pushing it. How does "not as embarrassing" grab you? And AGAIN, all proceeds this year will go to the ALS Association (http://www.alsa.org). May all your rivals have to look at Cougar flags on the Space Needle if you do the same. My parents will pretend to know who I am with picks like:

Week 11: $100
Central Florida (+) over UAB: $25
Colorado (-2) over Iowa St: $25
Hawaii (-15) over Utah St: $25
Wisconsin (-2) over Iowa: $25

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