Ramble On! Pac-10 Picks Week 12

IF THERE WAS ever any doubt as to which school has the most delusional and irritating fans year in and year out, it only took three Willie Tuitama interceptions to bring it out in full force. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, after 14 straight Pac 10 losses, Husky football is BACK!!! For my readers on the east side of the mountains who don't have to share a workplace with many of the purple-clan, my only advice to you is to never move.

A guy who works about six desks over swears up and down Isaiah Stanback's toss at the end of the first half was 95 yards in the air. Another co-worker made a $100 bet that they would shut the Cougars out.

So let's make one thing clear: A Cougar victory is much more than a nice send off for the seniors. It also keeps Husky fans from acting like morons for an entire year, as well as the 1992 Starter Jackets in mothballs where they belong.

PS: Thank you, Cougar Seniors! Time to ramble on…

Mike Bellotti closed practices this week in preparation for the Civil War, citing the BCS questions can be a "cancer" to their focus. The only question they're going to have to answer is, "How do you feel about playing in the Sun Bowl?" so I can't think the coach is sheltering them from much. Meanwhile, Mike Riley has opened his practices to absolutely anybody that will ask him a question. We'll be the first to report when he actually gets one. Ducks

Not sure if you noticed this, but the only two Pac-10 teams playing their rivalry game this week that are going to have their starting quarterback on the field are both from the state of Washington. And I'll leave that up to you to decide whether or not that's a good thing. Last year, I am claiming credit for our Apple Cup Victory. I chose UW to balance out karma, and guess what, karma gave us a win over the Ave-Shackers. Therefore: Huskies

If Cal's now-benched quarterback Joseph Ayoob gets into the game, am I allowed to yell "The Banned is on the field!" .When Stanford wins this game to become bowl eligible, let's all pray together that his former players bring Buddy Teevens back a souvenir from the bowl game. I've been told he likes juice boxes. Cardinal

When USC was scheduling this game, did the athletic department officials really all sit around and say "You know? I'm really not sure we can get to six wins in 2005, maybe we should add a 12th game!" While I mock the idea of USC needing more games to become bowl eligible, I can't help but be a little frustrated that our athletic department didn't schedule games through April. Trojans

Well, I finally went 3-1 on the week, so I'm almost back to breaking even on the season! It's been fun sharing my bets with you this year, even though we weren't as successful. Nevertheless, all winnings this season will be donated to the ALS Association (http://www.alsa.org). May your rivals be forced to keep a track in their stadium for eternity. Rivalry week will help me earn more money with picks like:

Week 12: ($150)
V anderbilt (+12 ½) over Tennesee ($37)
Ohio St (-3) over Michigan ($38)
Wyoming (+7) over San Diego St ($37)
South Carolina (+3) over Clemson ($38)

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