Will highly sought defensive end trip to WSU?

RATED NO. 26 in the nation, defensive end DeShon Matthews is looking at four -- Washington State, Arizona, Washington and Oregon. He has one official visit under his belt with the other three set up but that final trip in January might not be in the cards -- the Elk Grove, Calif., playmaker might not want to wait that long before making the call.

Since the in-home visit period began about a week and a half ago, Washington State, Washington, Oregon and Arizona have all come by the Matthews home.

The Laguna Creek High tackling machine has a trip scheduled to Washington State the weekend of Jan. 13, but he might end up making his decision before then.

"I scheduled the visit because I like the coaches there," said Matthews. "That's the one reason why I scheduled the visit for them. But like I said, I don't know if I'll wait that long to make a decision."

WSU coach Ken Greene is recruiting Matthews for the Cougars.

AN ATHLETIC AND versatile defensive end, Matthews trips to Washington tomorrow, followed by an Oregon visit next weekend. Matthews said Fresno State is no longer in the running and he's crossed UCLA and Cal off his list after not receiving enough recruiting love from them over the course of the season. The Wildcats are his frontrunner.

"Right now Arizona is No 1 because I've visited them," said Matthews. "That, and I like the coaches."

MATTHEWS HAS PLAYED but four years of tackle football and only just scratched the surface on his potential, according to prep coach Lewis Lassetter.

The first thing that jumps out are his arms. Talk about a wingspan, his arms seemingly go on forever.

His versatility likely means he can play on either the weak or strongside end at the next level. In high school, he also moved inside on occasion and at 6-5 and 245 pounds, he has the frame to put on more weight over the course of his career and play the tackle spot, but it appears he'll be a d-end in college.

This season, Matthews racked up 94 tackles and eight sacks. Academically, Matthews said he's achieved a qualifying score and is in good shape.

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