Only a bum 737 can keep this guy sidelined

ONE OF THE PROSPECTS set to trip to Pullman this weekend was Julius Howard out of Irving, Texas. The 6-foot-1, 200 pound linebacker from Nimitz High was grounded, though, and didn't make the trek due to airline problems. He talks about what his plans are from here on out and if they call for a rescheduled visit out to the Palouse. Meanwhile, the Red Raiders and Wildcats come calling.

"I didn't get to go because there was a problem with their (ticketing system)," said Howard. "Then they got that squared away but the flight had left. Then they had problems trying to get me on another flight. So (any visit to WSU) would probably be in January."

The 'backer they call "Juice" said he was trying to reschedule his trip to Pullman for the first weekend available next month.

"I'm going to try to get to Washington State," said Howard. "And I've already set up a visit for this weekend to Texas Tech."

Asked if he thought he might be close to a decision, Howard said he doesn't think one is imminent.

"I think I'll probably make my decision mid-January," said Howard.

Friday, the new coaching staff at Kansas State confirmed the previous staff's offer to Howard, and Texas Tech also stepped up to the plate, bringing his offer count up to 10.

"Everybody's still pretty even," said Howard. "I haven't sat down and compared everyone yet."

Howard racked up 107 tackles his senior season, including 10 for loss with seven sacks, along with seven forced fumbles and two interceptions.

The Nimitz High difference maker scored 12 TDs this season, piling up 300 yards in kickoff returns, with one going for 100 yards and a score. As a situational h-back, he cranked out 250 yards rushing plus had 210 receiving yards.

Most, including Washington State, are recruiting him at linebacker but some see him at safety, "Anywhere I go, I want to hopefully at least play my first year, I don't want to redshirt," said Howard.

Julius Howard

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