The Buzz Board (inaugural '06 edition)

IT'S TRUE. WE'RE FLUSH with pride after helping propel the Cougs to their Apple Cup victory. The Buzz's karmatic powers appear to be fully restored, so we're diving into the New Year with the arrows flying. We're piercing clergymen and UW grads in high places, singing The Way We Were, bashing Reggie, saluting Vince and paying homage just one more time to the greatest Cougar back who ever lived. Buzz Board

Who's up and who's down in and around Planet Coug?
Jerome Harrison Sure, the season ended nearly two months ago, but this guy was so dazzlingly good – and friendly, too – that it's not possible to sing his praises enough. Not only that, he had the good sense to keep his laterals to himself. One plus to the off-season: We'll get to see this consensus All-American in action at the Senior Bowl and East-West Shrine Game.
Heisman Trophy Voters Can you say "oops?" We suspected something was askew when Our Man Jerome finished ninth rather than in the top five. And now Vince Young --- the first 1,000/3,000 man in NCAA history --- puts an exclamation point on the travesty of the entire 2005 balloting. Coupled with that wacky lateral from ol' No. 5 on Wednesday, Reggie suddenly looks like the modern-day Gino Torretta and Vince looks like a guy who should have a bronze trophy named after him.
The Holy Cross Fathers Old Buzz: Downright sinful the way they canned Ty Willy.

New Buzz: Either The $40 million Man (a.k.a. Charlie Weis) has some compromising pics of President Jenkins or those padres are burning more than incense in The Grotto. Excuse us, Monsignor, but didn't Smilin' Ty go 10-3 and get hammered in a bowl game in his first season, too?
Frick and Frack By any other name, Kelly Skipper and George Yarno. The two Cougar assistant coaches were like a regular Butch and Sundance (or maybe Oscar and Felix) in 2005, with Skipper doing his usual star-turn in the backfield while Yarno had his hosses gelling like Vidal Sassoon up front.
Tom Hansen Facts are facts Mr. Commissioner: On your watch, two years in a row, a 10-1 team from the Pac-10 was left standing at the door when BCS bowl invitations were handed out. Good news for the Holiday folks in San Diego, but a serious hit to the Pac's national prestige. And since you're a UW grad, we figured piling on only made sense.
Texas No, not the University of, though that comeback the other night was one for the ages. We're talking about the state of -- the place where Drew Bledsoe and Mike Price live. And, it turns out, the place where the Cougars – for the second straight year – are mining intriguing nuggets along the recruiting trail.
Mike Price Old Buzz: Despite his silly jump to Alabama on the eve of the Granddaddy, we still love the King of Poop Island.

New Buzz: You just know it had to hurt seeing the Tide roll to that top 10 finish while the Miners took a shellacking from Toledo in the GMAC Bowl. Worse, the orange and blue G-strings in El Paso just don't look as classy as the houndstooth kind up Tuscaloosa way. (Badda boom!)
Barbra Streisand Dick Bennett is no Babs (though we hear he likes to belt out a tune or two in practice) but you can't help but have misty water-colored memories – a la Raveling '76 and Sampson '91 -- in the corner of your mind when you see his hoopsters take the court. The program is turning the corner – and it's about time you fair-weather fans start filling up some seats.
The Three Terrors of the Twine In Cougar basketball lore, they are better known as Rick Dickson, Kevin Eastman and Paul Graham. Sure they've all been gone awhile, but Lord above they wrought some serious devastation on the Palouse hardwood. And by golly, we're not going to forget it.

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