Cougs eye pair of local young guns

QUARTERBACK WILL BE A priority in Washington State's next football recruiting class and two strong-armed prospects from the state of Washington are getting plenty of early of attention from the Cougars, among many others. Jake Gelakoska from Mill Creek's Jackson High is planning to camp in Pullman this summer and Jason Munns from Kennewick's Southridge High is expecting a written offer from the Cougars this week.

Munns' first two offers look to be from the Cougars. Southridge head coach Andy Troxel said he expects WSU's offer to arrive in the mail any day now. Munns, who is Mormon, also said he expects a formal offer from BYU to arrive shortly.

It's not difficult to see why Munns is considered one of the state's top prospects, if not THE top prospect, for 2007. He's 6-foot-5 1-2, 235 pounds and he has a rocket for an arm. His work in 2005 compelled one sportswriter to call him a right-handed Matt Leinart.

But don't overlook "Broadway Jake". He's 6-4, 215 and also boasts a live arm. Plus, he has uncommon speed, clocking a 4.52 in the 40 last year on grass at Jackson. That combination will be enticing to college recruiters.

BESIDES WASHINGTON STATE and the other Northwest schools, Gelakoska is receiving interest from the likes of Florida, Florida State, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State and BYU.

"I'm pretty open right now, I'm just looking for a program that will fit me," said Gelakoska. "I just want to go and compete."

WSU, Washington, Oregon, Miami and Michigan are recruiting the hardest at this initial stage, he says. He plans on attending the Wolverines' summer camp, as well as those at Washington State, Washington, Oregon, Oregon State and the Air Attack Academy.

Gelakoska said his family is mostly Dawg fans and he's a fan of the local school, but his decision will be based on how comfortable he feels in a program. Staying close to home is not much of a factor. Gelakoska turned heads at Washington State's camp last year, striking up a relationship with Cougars coach Timm Rosenbach.

"I've talked to him a couple times and my coach coach (Joel Vincent) knows him real well," said Gelakoska. "He's a real nice guy."

Gelakoska is also an avid outdoorsman, saying WSU is an attractive option in that regard.

"I love Washington State," said Gelakoska. "I like to hunt and fish and it seems like a pretty good place. But I'm pretty open right now."

OVER AT SOUTHRIDGE, schools are burning up the phone lines to Troxel asking for tape and insight on Munns, a player the coach calls a "difference maker".

"He has an absolute cannon," said Troxel. "He's very accurate and he can run -- when he decides he's going to take off, he can definitely run. He ran a 4.72 last summer at the NIKE camp."

Besides Washington State and all the Pac-10 schools, Troxel has heard from Oklahoma, Alabama, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame and others.

Munns said he's in no hurry, but if the right school came along before football season, he wouldn't have trouble making an early call.

"If a certain school comes along that fits all the things you're looking for and you know for sure, then there's really no reason to go through the whole process," said Munns. "But if you're not sure, then it would make sense to definitely go through the process."

Distance could factor into Munn's decision.

"My parents would like me to stay close," said Munns. "And it would be nice to stay close so they can come up and see some games, and I'd be able to come home once in a while. But then again, if that school that you know is right for you is a distance away, then I'll just have to deal with that."

Being from Kennewick, Munns said he's more familiar with the Cougs, but he also has high regard for the Huskies.

"Out of UW and WSU, I've followed WSU a little more closely because it's a little closer to us," said Munns. "A lot of people we know have gone to WSU and its a little more popular up here we're we're at.

"And a few years back they went to the Rose Bowl and they've had some success. And with Tyrone up at UW and turning things around, that's also a great thing going on over there."

Munns has no favorites but said along with WSU and Washington, the Oregon and Arizona schools are intriguing, along with Southern Cal.

"It's a lot of the same things from everyone right now, getting your letters and information," said Munns.

Munns is planning on hitting the NIKE camp at Palo Alto but beyond that, his summer plans have yet to be finalized.

  • Gelakoska regular season stats: 136 of 275 for 1938 yards, 17TDs. He rushed 88 times for 360 yards and another 7 TDs, averaging 229.8 yards of total offense a game.

  • Munns regular season stats: 160 of 259 for 2,178 yards and 32 TDs en route to claiming Big Nine Co-Player of the Year honors. He compiled a QB efficiency rating of 170 in '05.

    Jake Gelakoska
    Jason Munns

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