Cast your vote for best WSU team of all time

SO HOW DO YOU COMPARE Drew Bledsoe's Snow Bowl team of 1992 to the one Timm Rosenbach led to a nationally televised upset extraordinaire over the No. 1 team in the nation in 1988? And which of the three consecutive 10-win teams between 2001-03 was actually the best?

Can any team measure up to the one and only in school history to go undefeated and win the Granddaddy of Them All?

What about teams from 1965, 1972 and 1981 that collected a bunch of wins but, more so, rekindled the spirit of the patient faithful?

How much does an Apple Cup victory (or loss) enhance (diminish) a team's standing?

Now's your chance to answer these questions and more.

Jeff McQuarrie, the talented producer of the upcoming feature film about the colorful teams and players who have roamed Cougar country, wants you to help rank -- in order -- the greatest Cougar football teams of all time.

As part of "Legends of the Palouse," McQuarrie will be counting down the top 15 since WSU first fielded a team in 1894.

The survey linked below lists the 15 clubs that have been nominated. While some exceptions can always be taken with such a subjective exercise (apologies to Babe Hollingbery's 10-win team of 1929), Jeff is confident these 15 have withstood the test of time.

Your mission is to rank each, No. 1 through No. 15.

The final results will be weighed with those of an expert panel of judges to determine the film's countdown to the best of the best. When you're done with the survey, head to to see sample clips and sign up to be notified when the movie goes on sale.

So rank away – and be sure to encourage your fellow Cougar fans to vote as well.

Click here to take the survey

A two-volume DVD that spans nearly four hours, "Legends of the Palouse" includes original musical scores; footage of many of the great games and plays in Cougar football history; and colorful stories told by Keith Jackson, Keith Lincoln, Jack Thompson, Rueben Mayes, Mike Utley, Mark Fields, Steve Gleason, Jim Walden, Mike Price and many more.

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