CHAT SUMMARY Jim Moore up front & point blank

PULLING NO PUNCHES while spreading around the laughs, Seattle PI Columnist Jim Moore held court Monday evening in the CF.C Chat Room. If you missed it, rest assured we're here to give you the play by play. The Go 2 Guy waxed poetic on quitters (Don James), jerks (Gray Payton), greatest Cougs to play in his lifetime (Jason Gesser, Ryan Leaf), the traitorous Dick Baird and much, much more.

COUGFANcom: Welcome to Jim Moore, Seattle PI Columnist. The Go 2 Guy has just returned from the eastern part of the state, and his time is limited, so let's open it up for questions from the Cougar Nation!

theRabidCat: Thanks for promoting the Lord's team in the evil land, Jim. Ever got any death threats from the pink and pee-yellow crowd for your Pullmanesque prose?
Jim Moore: rabidcat: no death threats as yet, but I've been called every name you can think of, via voice mail and e-mail

HendersonCoug: Jim thanks for coming on. How did you get the name Go2Guy?
Jim Moore: go 2 guy, i had nothing to do with it, the managing editor just gave the name to me, never asked what i thought about it, so i just ran with it...

PRcoug02: Jim, do you think this is a must win season for the coaching staff?
Jim Moore : you know, yes, i do think it's a must-win season for the staff, but it's hard because i like most all of them personally, especially Doba. saw him and Kenny Greene today in Wenatchee

sselfcoug: Seriously, what gives you optimism for the Cougs in 2006?
Jim Moore: what gives me optimism? jesus, i don't know, i'm a coug, that's why i have optimism? but i've always got pessimism at the ready too because i've seen, what, more than 30 years of cougar football

theRabidCat: Jim, who is your favorite Coug of all time?
Jim Moore: favorite coug of all time, easy, Jason Gesser. not the most talented kid, but the biggest winner we've ever had. have him on my screensaver. love him.

Naivecouglives: Thank you for your sardonic humor. Can you give me your "serious" take on the the status of both Husky and Cougar football programs?
Jim Moore: seriously, hmmm, i think the cougs'll go 7-5 this year and hopefully play in the las vegas bowl, that would be good enough for me. a little worried about offensive line and a lot worried about dbs, but just hoping we'll outscore everyone, including auburn dammit! as for the u-dub, i'm hoping for 2-9 again but would happily settle for 3-8 and a third straight loss in apple cup..

JMKCoug: Love your work Jim - especially during football season. Did you consult your pal Rick Neweasal when filling out your NCAA bracket this year??
HendersonCoug: Jim: Have you and the unfairly fired one ever scheduled another golf outing? What is your favorite course? Being a former PO resident I'm a fan of McCormick Woods.
Jim Moore: just played with Neuheisel once, at aldarra in fall city. really miss him, mainly because he was such good copy. he's not a bad guy either, for someone as slippery as he is. agreed on mccormick woods, also like gold mtn olympic course and trophy lake, love everything about kitsap county except for one of its residents, dick baird

theRabidCat: Speaking of Baird, who, besides him, is the biggest turncoat in Cougar history? My vote is for Stammering Scott Pelluer! He killed the broadcasts and publicly said he wished he was a Dog. A pox on him.
Jim Moore: the best thing about Pelluer working for washington is that it got him out of our radio booth. nice guy but he wrecked the broadcasts. couldn't stand to listen to him, but then, he probably hates the column.

PRcoug02: Jim, any thoughts on Dick Baird's recent article concerning your column?
Jim Moore: baird wrote something on dawgman about me trying to talk locker into not playing football and pursuing baseball instead. the stories i've written on locker, i think, have been mostly tongue in cheek, but truthfully, the guy's going to a football graveyard when he could be playing baseball for a living. baird took exception to that. i take exception to him being an out-and-out traitor, a coug alum who openly roots for the huskies. hate that.

theRabidCat: Is Smiley Willingham a good guy, a boring guy or both?
Jim Moore: Willingham is a piece of work. i could never play for him but you could do worse than to have your kid play for him. i have a hard time dealing with his serious routine all the time though, and his third-person coach Willingham says this and coach Willingham says that. don't mind that he closes practices to the media though, gives me less to do, which is good

COUGFANcom: What did Doba and Greene have to say when you saw them in Wenatchee today.
Jim Moore: mostly talked to Doba about how he's coping...he's having a tough time but has been pouring himself into the job. he'll take time off in july to go to his lake place in michigan, but seemed mostly revved up about getting the program turned around...Greene, i mostly asked him, can you believe you're 50???? he and i are of the same vintage, both lived at gannon hall and ate at the rotunda. helluva player as you know. gannon hall was great, played a lot of (bad) hoop there, ate a lot of bad food there, but had a great time there.
Editor's Note: Jim Moore's column on his visit with Doba runs in Tuesday's Seattle PI

Kennewick Man: Jim -- You da bomb. Who's the best Cougar coach to interview? Sweeney? Walden or Price?
Jim Moore: tough one on cougar coach to interview, i don't know about Sweeney, so i'd put him third, with Walden first and price second. absolutely loved Walden as coach, still love him in the booth, an older version of Sorensen, damn near shed a tear when he went to iowa state, bad career move

Kennewick Man: Ryan Leaf or Drew Bledsoe?
Jim Moore: believe it or not, leaf. he took us to the rose bowl and could throw an out better than anyone

Naivecouglives: So G2g, When did you discover you passion for writing? Did you start on The Evergreen?
Jim Moore: started writing at redmond junior high for school paper, smoke signals. then, yes, wrote for the evergreen for $10 a week until i got fired. jim carberry, the sports editor, fired me for what i believe was a bad work ethic on my part, i.e. i was lazy and preferred to go to moscow over writing at the time

sselfcoug: Did you consider the opening at KJR or is full time golf and Cougars and part-time columnist your dream job?
HendersonCoug: Follow up : Would KJR be smart enough to talk to you?
Jim Moore: kjr won't talk to me about that job, i'm not professional enough. plus i wouldn't know what i was doing, kind of like now

theRabidCat: What story resulted in the most Husky hatemail?
Jim Moore: sorry, i can't keep up very well, i'm old....49 in 2 weeks...most husky hatemail came from column about steve schilling, lineman from bellevue, wondering why in the world he'd want to play for washington, which i compared to spam next to the other schools in his final 4. got lambasted for that, and my boss wasn't happy either. i need to be more careful when it comes to recruits, this i've been told, or warned...

HendersonCoug: Some one needs to tell your boss you're not a cheer leader. That column was awesome.
Jim Moore: schilling wrote an e-mail saying he wasn't bothered by it, but there's an area there where i need to be careful. also nearly got into trouble when i interviewed jonathan stewart. rod commons talked to me about that one. hope we stuff him this year

tomcoug: Did you get your job to add some Crimson to the paper?
Jim Moore: i've gone from 4 columns a week to 3, don't know if they're easing me out or what, but that's all right, my dream is to go to 2, then 1, then 0 and hope the checks are still in the mail. i used to dream of covering the sonics, which i did once, for five years in the 90s.

JMKCoug: It must be pretty frustrating when people don't get the sarcasm and take everything so seriously.
Jim Moore: sarcasm, yes, frustrating sometimes. i guess it goes with the territory. most angry e-mailers end up being fairly nice when i write back. i never get defensive in replies

COUGFANcom: Jim, we can say with complete certainty that you'll always have a job waiting for you at CF.C. As a matter of fact, we might have to try and get you fired from the PI. ...kidding. ...we think
Jim Moore: i dont' think you'll have to try to get me fired, might do that on my own.

Naivecouglives: Let me say that you write in a self-effacing style and you include WSU in that. Why don't the Husky readers read your tongue is planted firmly in your cheek...????
Jim Moore: re: tongue in cheek, because they're all idiots, how's that? just kidding...i think.

Whoisyourcoug: Jim: your prediction for the Auburn game?
Jim Moore: auburn game, i hope 24-21 Cougs, but it will be a tough spot for them obviously. what the hell, they can do it can't they? 24-21, i stand by that. i know this, i'll be taking the points..

Kennewick Man: I also think Baird is a complete buffoon for insisting Don James didn't quit. That he left honorably. What's your take on that?
Jim Moore: re: Baird. James quit. That's my take on that. I don't think there can be another take. He quit. He might be the dawgfather, but he quit, plain and simple. The dawgfather is a quitter.

Kennewick Man: You ripped on Matt Kegel pretty bad after the backward forward pass game. Did he ever talk to you again? Anyone else swear you off?
Jim Moore: i did rip on Kegel and felt bad about that, really bad, he's just a college kid. wrote a follow-up column apologizing, or i think that's what i did. at the time i just couldn't understand how a redshirt junior, no less, could look so lost out there, deer in the headlights. greatly disappointed in his performance, still am, but he certainly played well the next year

Naivecouglives: Would I be a turncoat for having dated a Husky recently...and she's wanting more, uh, dates.?
Jim Moore: dating huskies, perfectly acceptable. she must be honored to be with a coug

HendersonCoug: Jim What is your favorite Cougar game or performance of all time?
Jim Moore: favorite cougar game, a lot of them, but i'll go with upset of no. 1 ucla in '88. saw it at a bar in the u-district of all places. drove home and did doughnuts in my yard for some reason, maybe because i was drunk. i've got an old cassette that has the final minute of that game with bob robertson commentary spliced into a ted nugent song, stranglehold, and whenever i'm down, i plug that baby in and i'm up again. a beautiful thing hearing bob rob counting off the final seconds. got goosebumps now just thinking about it. go cougs.

Kennewick Man: Rueben Mayes, Steve Broussard, Michael Black or Jerome Harrison? (Did you take speed typing at Montlake CC?)
Jim Moore: 1) Rueben Mayes, still remember where i was when he ran for 357 or whatever it was against the ducks; 2) Broussard, great pounding style; 3) michael black, wish he hadn't gotten hurt in the rose bowl; 4) harrison, how can you rank him fourth, i don't know either? great kid, hope he does well in cleveland...

HendersonCoug: Do you properly attire your little kids in Coug gear?
Jim Moore: i've got three kids, a 15-year-old daughter and a pair of 2-year-old twins. the teenager has known the fight song since she was 3. when we say good night to each other or goodbye on the phone, it's always, love you daddy, love you sweetie, go cougs, go cougs daddy. the twins, both boys, future cougs i hope, they already say go cougs every time they see the wsu logo. gawd i'm sick.

Whoisyourcoug: How do you think the M's will do vs the A's this week?
Jim Moore: m's never play well in oakland, but they've sure been good of late. i'll say they take 2 of 3.

Naivecouglives: What do you think of bottle-throwing incidents and the like?
Jim Moore: bottle-throwing incidents. at my age, while i watched the whole thing from the stands, i was disappointed in our students. but then i thought, well, if i were still a student, i probably would have done the same thing. i was madder at Kegel than the ref

Naivecouglives: What is your take on general fan mis-behavior?
Jim Moore: general fan misbehavior. if i'm on my soapbox, i'm against it. but if i'm at husky stadium like i was last year while our team danced on the W and our fans circled the field, i confess to liking that.

Kennewick Man: Who's the biggest jerk you ever interviewed?
Jim Moore: biggest jerk ever interviewed, far and away, gary payton. covered the sonics for five years in the '90s, ending with their NBA Finals run in '96. darn near came to blows with him before game 2 of first round in '96 playoffs. long story. i realize he would have kicked my ass, but i couldn't take his crap anymore, got in his face, he got in mine, i didn't want to back down and we ended up throwing f-you salvos back and forth before george karl bear-hugged me and threw me out of the locker room. what a beautiful night. i couldn't interview payton for two days or something like that, which was no great loss, he never said much of anything interesting anyway.

theRabidCat: Is it true you had an affair with Babs Hedges? Were you on meth at the time?
Jim Moore: hedges and i are tight, or were tight. loved her. loved her glare every time i saw her. really loved her going-away press conference in which all she talked about were the damn buildings she built, but nothing about the turmoil and her hiring of neuheisel.
theRabidCat: This is the best chat room session ever.

Jim Moore: next coug coach: levenseller, erickson, price, neuheisel, akey....after doba retires of course...i'd favor erickson one more time, not sure why, but i would.

Kennewick Man: Other than Schilling, do you follow recruiting very much? How are the Cougars shaping up this time around?
Jim Moore: i really don't follow recruiting unless the guys are marquee blue-chippers who are local and/or considering the cougs.

Whoisyourcoug: What is your take on Rosie calling the plays?
Jim Moore: whoisyourcoug: i didn't know that rosie did call the plays. i know i should know more about the cougs since i write about them all the time but i don't. whoever's calling the plays, i'd like to see fewer bubble screens. or if they're called, i'd prefer it if brink saw the linebackers and didn't throw to them.

theRabidCat: Being a Spokanite, can you give Blanchette some lessons on being clever? We could use you in Eastern Washington!
Jim Moore: c'mon, blanchette is a great columnist. i'd put john and art thiel at the top of all of the sports columnists in the state. they could write their ticket anywhere.

Naivecouglives: What do you thing of the Brink vs. Swogger arguments on Cougfan message boards and should Brink get a better shake?
Jim Moore: brink-swogger, i liked swogger because of his size and arm strength, but i just kind of felt if the coaches thought brink was the better choice, ok, they know more about it than i do. they've liked brink for a long, long time.

Kennewick Man: Who do you rank as the greatest Cougar Football player of your lifetime? Why?
Jim Moore: i've mentioned gesser, and i'm sure i'm forgetting someone, but let's go with ryan leaf for something different. i know he was horrible in the nfl and a schmuck and all of that, but man was he good in college. lost $50 betting that he'd be drafted ahead of peyton manning (what was i thinking, as it turns out). ryan leaf took us to the rose bowl and that's all i wanted in my lifetime, so i'll go with him.

PRcoug02: Jim, do you meet a lot of resistance from the UW admin? Or are they better sports than the fans?
Jim Moore: uw administrators and coaches and todd turner never give me a hard time. they actually return phone calls and turner seems to play along sometimes.

HendersonCoug: MESSAGE TO THE PI- Now that I live in CA. You are the only reason I click on the PI website.
Jim Moore: hendersoncoug: thanks, really appreciate that.

YakiCoug: I'm sure someone has asked this, Jim, but how's the G2 dog?
Jim Moore: took my dog with me to wenatchee today. wrote doba column for tomorrow while sitting on the banks of the wenatchee river in cashmere while willie, my golden, chased starlings in the water, or swallows, i don't know what they were, little birds anyway. a good dog.

COUGFANcom: ..Time to start wrapping it up. Jim's headed down to Arizona tomorrow to do some hard hitting investigative reporting on Barry Bonds in anticipation of San Francisco's upcoming series with Seattle. (Look for some columns in the Seattle PI later this week) Any final questions you have, fire away.

Whoisyourcoug: Jim, have you heard about Legends of the Palouse?
Jim Moore: legends of the palouse, is that a movie that's coming out, or a book, so in answer to your question, i guess i haven't.

YakiCoug: Jim, is it true you use your position as a columnist to recruit for the huskies?
Jim Moore: yakicoug: that's what i'm trying to do, recruit for the huskies, hoping that they'll go 0-11. or is 0-12 possible this year???

PRcoug02: Jim, are you optimistic that the bb team will continue improving?
Jim Moore: i am optimistic about the basketball team. i like what i've seen from tony bennett. hope he can coach like his dad. appreciate what his dad did, at least we're somewhat competitive again...and we did beat the dawgs twice

Kennewick Man: Don Sweet or Joe Danelo?
Jim Moore: joe the toe

COUGFANcom: Thanks to everyone, and a big thank you to Jim Moore -- Look for his column on Doba on Tuesday. ONWARD CRIMSON SOLDIERS.

theRabidCat: Thanks for you honesty and humor, Jim.
Kennewick Man: You, sir, are credit to the legacy of Edward R. Murrow (in a roundabout way) : )
PRcoug02: thanks Jim and cfc
Whoisyourcoug: thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
theRabidCat: Thanks, Jim and CF.C! Great session!

Jim Moore: thanks a lot to everyone, appreciate your time and questions. if you have anything else, feel free to send them to go cougs.

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