Charles Harris' Diary: Week One

PULLMAN -- Hey Cougfans! It's a huge honor to be writing to you this summer. And I'm especially pleased in this first diary entry to tell you that, in every respect, things so far this summer have progressed to new heights for the Cougar football team. The weights have increased, the number of sprints have increased, and team cohesiveness is at a new level.

This definitely is the hardest we've all worked in the five years I've been here for summer workouts. That's saying a lot, because this team has always put in long summer hours. But right now, we're really challenging ourselves like never before. It's just a battle out there every day -- and that's really fun.

These workouts are all voluntary, but it appears that virtually everyone on the team is here. I can't tell you the exact numbers but don't think there are any scholarship players who aren't here.

On offense, the leader is quarterback Alex Brink. He's in charge of getting everyone ready for skelly and he's really taken to this role. Last year he was a leader as well, but he's stepped it up a little bit more. He's been more vocal and he's making everyone accountable for what they're supposed to do. Alex is a great leader.

Those of us on the offensive line have been doing many drills to help us become a more solid group once we start fall camp in about five weeks! Just thinking about putting the pads back on gets me going. The drills are not only helping us become better prepared, but making us better friends which will also carry over to the field.

One person I'd like to give a shout out to is Coach O (Rob Oviatt), our strength and conditioning coach. I think Coach O is pretty much the most important figure that we have in our lives over the summer. He's the only coach we can look to over the summer since our position coaches aren't allowed to be around us this time of year. Coach O expects a lot out of us and works hard to make sure we get where we need to be. asked me to tell you a little bit about our position coach on the offensive line, George Yarno. He has always been there for me, keeping my head up and telling me to keep working when I was hurt during the early years. And he's always been there to continually challenge me to do my best.

On a final note, when you're in the stands for our home opener against Idaho (Sept. 9) and then in Seattle against Baylor (Sept. 16), be sure to take a look at the Cougar roster and the names of the high schools where all the guys are from. We'll have a couple of new guys from my alma mater, Mead High, on the team – Andy Mattingly and Skylar Jessen. I'm pretty happy about those guys here -- they have a great opportunity to come in and play football for Washington State.

Thanks to for allowing me to do this diary, and I hope that you all had a great time celebrating Independence Day.

If have you have topics you'd like me to address next time, just post them on the message board.

Go Cougs!

Charles Harris, No. 55

Charles Harris is Washington State's starting offensive right tackle. The 6-6, 323-pound hoss will be a fifth-year-senior in 2006. He hails from Spokane's Mead High. An uber-athlete, he was named to The Sporting News' Pac-10 all-freshman team following the 2003 season and last year became a Cougar fixture -- in a breakout season he started all 11 games, opening the holes for a 1,900 yard rusher for the Cougs. Along with senior defensive end Mkristo Bruce and, previously, backup QB Cole Morgan, he graciously volunteered this summer to give CF.C readers a window into the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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