Mkristo Bruce's Diary: Week Four

PULLMAN -- Hello Cougfans! It's your man Mkristo Bruce back with some more inside information on your Washington State Cougars! I hope that all of you had a wonderful Independence Day. I was fired up by the Fourth of July fireworks celebrations but I got even more fired up when I ran back into the locker room after getting back to the Palouse.

I recently returned from a great weekend with my family over in the Seattle area, and I hope all of you also enjoyed your holiday. And if you didn't, I had enough fun for all of you!

My son, Lil' Mkristo, was doing back flips in the yard. And my younger brother Mtume lit fireworks for the whole family. Mtume thought he was a pyrotechnician, and who am I to stop a kid with fireworks?

Football and fireworks, they're a young man's dream.

But the time came for all of us to say goodbye to our families and then get ready to head back to the place that makes so much sense. The summer is half way over now, and there is work that still remains to be done.

And when we got back, we literally never skipped a beat.

After the four and a half hour drive back to Pullman, I made it just in time to hit the locker room, throw on my cleats and hit the field running. And when I ran into the locker room it was great to see the whole team there, dressed and ready to WORK! So that's exactly what we did.

It's crazy to see how committed the team is. These guys are away from their families 90 percent of the year, and to be able to see them even for a couple of days is priceless. But, to beat a team like Auburn, we have to make sure we are together working.

So Cougfans, I am here to let you know that the team is working -- you can sleep easy at night knowing that we are all working hard and we are working as ONE. Not two or three, but ONE.

We're doing it for everybody that bleeds crimson and gray. We're doing it for all of you who root for and support the Washington State Cougars. We're doing it because this is the COUGAR NATION OF DOMINATION!!

If you have any questions for me, post them on the message boards and I'll do my best to answer as many as I can get to. Until the next time!


Mkristo Bruce a WSU senior who tied for the league lead in tackles-for-loss and was also one of the Pac-10's sack leaders in 2005, will be an All-America candidate in 2006. The one-time quarterback from Renton's Liberty High has started 22 consecutive games for the Cougars and is on the 2006 watch list for the Nagurski Trophy, awarded to the best defensive player in college football. Along with WSU senior offensive tackle Charles Harris, and, previously, backup QB Cole Morgan, he graciously volunteered this summer to give CF.C readers a window on the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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