Charles Harris' Diary: Week Two

PULLMAN -- Hey Cougfans! How's everyone doing? Week Two of this diary only means that we are one week closer to September 2! This past week after the Holiday, all of us got back into rhythm and focused on what needed to be done. Some of the most intense workouts of the summer have taken place over this past week and it has been very good for the entire team.

These summer workouts have been so beneficial for the team this summer. We're getting everyone prepared for the season like we never have before. But we are also far from done.

Not that I'm counting the days but we only have about 3 ½ weeks until we start fall camp! Can you believe it? I am so excited to get the pads back on!

Someone asked about what the o-line has been doing to get prepared for the season and if that involves film study. Besides the weight work, we also do film study as part of our voluntary offseason workouts.

We look at our plays from previous seasons and make our calls, allowing us to visualize what something is going to look like when we get out on the field.

From that film study, we take it to the field and make sure that we have learned it by walking through the same plays, and until we get it right. It is very beneficial and to the entire group.

I wanted to address a question that was on the board about Coach Yarno. Coach Yarno's attitude has a very positive influence on the way that the offensive line plays. He is very energized all of the time and this enthusiasm is passed along to his players.

Coach Yarno's intensity is always in the back of your head in whatever you are doing. Whatever your preparation for a game, that intensity has been passed from him right on down to the Line.

I think that this is probably why I enjoy playing for Coach Yarno most. He brings out the best player in me for everything that we do here at Washington State.

Well Cougfans, it is time for me to go until next week. Keep posting questions on the message boards and I will do my best to answer them.

Go Cougs!

Charles Harris, No. 55

Charles Harris is Washington State's starting offensive right tackle. The 6-6, 323-pound hoss will be a fifth-year-senior in 2006. He hails from Spokane's Mead High. An uber-athlete, he was named to The Sporting News' Pac-10 all-freshman team following the 2003 season and last year became a WSU fixture -- in a breakout season he started all 11 games, opening the holes for a 1,900 yard rusher for the Cougs. Along with senior defensive end Mkristo Bruce and, previously, backup QB Cole Morgan, he graciously volunteered this summer to give CF.C readers a window into the world of pre-season Cougar football preparation with a weekly diary.

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